Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Night with Queen Latifah [Boston]


Last Tuesday evening, the Boston Women’s Fund (BWF), the only Boston-area grant making organization that direct funds to programs that benefit women and girls, hosted a gala honoring Her Majesty, singer/actress/model/superstar Queen Latifah. Now, it’s not everyday that I have the opportunity to be graced by the presence of bona fide Hollywood royalty, so I was pretty pumped to attend this event!

I arrived at the Mandarin Oriental after my dinner at P.F Chang’s. Since I already ate quite a bit a lot at my multi-course dinner, I eschewed the dine-around buffet and grabbed a glass of water with lemon (I’m pretty sure that having two calorie rich dinners would of wrecked havoc on my “Biggest Loser” diet). But man, don’t those desserts look buttery and tasty!
must…have….willpower – must think of saving the starving children!

The program begin with super cute emcee Janet Wu from 7News welcoming everyone. Then Josefina Vazquez, the Executive Director of the BWF and the one-with-awesome-tresses (courtesy of Charles at Mizu Boston), presented awards to a few courageous females who’ve been active in promoting social, economic and racial justice for women in the New England area (among the honorees – First Ladies Angela Menino and Diane Patrick).

After the lively auction, where crystal encrusted Giuseppe Zanotti shoes, weeklong getaways, and an autographed bottle of Patron (Latifah’s drink of choice) were sold to the excited crowd, the one and only Queen Latifah entered the room (accompanied by a burly bodyguard) to a standing ovation! I was hoping she would bust out into song and dance (let me here you say “that’s a U.N.I.T.Y”) but instead the Queen gave eloquent speech about her female role models, and how these strong women have played a role in shaping her life and the woman that she has become. What a classy and well-spoken woman!

So many thanks to AJ Williams and the team at Creative Events (who always seem to bring in the A-List to the events they produce) for inviting me to a divine evening filled with fabulous cuisine, charity, and celebrity!

The Boston Women's Fund supports community-based organizations run by women and girls in the Greater Boston Area that works with low-income women; women of color; women with disabilities; older women; lesbian, bisexual, and transgender women; immigrant and refugee women; and girls who are working to create a society based on racial, social, and economic justice. The Boston Women's Fund raises money from a broad base of donors across economic backgrounds to provide grants and develop programs that strengthen the grassroots initiatives and leadership of women and girls.


Waldo said...

Miss Thang (Queen Bee Latifah) is gorgeous!

BWF said...

what a terrific summary of the night! we really appreciate the write up and glad you could come out to this event!

financefoodie1 said...

Thanks for having me! thought the event was great!

financefoodie1 said...

Totally agree- and so well spoken too!

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