Monday, May 3, 2010

Longwood Symphony Orchestra / ATASK Event, honoring Dr. Howard Koh [Boston]

By: Finance Foodie

Last Saturday night, I had the pleasure of attending a concert by the Longwood Symphony Orchestra as part of their Healing Art of Music community outreach program. Since is not only about good food and products, but also good causes, I was uber excited as I trotted over to the New England Conservatory’s Jordan Hall in anticipation for a night filled with beautiful music and sweet charity.

The LSO’s Community Partner for this night was the Asian Task Force Against Domestic Violence (ATASK), an organization dedicated to the education against and prevention of domestic violence among the immigrant and refugee Asian population in the New England area. As an Asian American female, I had always felt a special kinship to this cause – it is truly heart warming to see other Asians helping out their fellow Asians, especially as a large number of the population ATASK seeks to help have limited command of the English language and a limited support system to turn to for aid.

The evening started off with a press preview – an opportunity for the media folk to chat with the U.S. Assistant Secretary of Health, Dr. Howard Koh, who was being honored that evening for his longtime support of ATASK, and a few of ATASK's Board Members. Bottled water in hand (as our city is currently undergoing a tap water crisis), I had the opportunity to ask Dr. Koh about his new oral health initiative, which helps bring economically disadvantaged kids onto dental chairs (afterall, I think that having a set of teeth is pretty crucial to appreciating food). Dr. Koh said that dental care is “just doesn’t get the attention” compared to other health maladies and that “one of his great joys" serving under Obama was "revitalizing the oral health initiative because oral health is critical to overall health.” I then made a joke about how I should probably stop reviewing candy and sweets on my site (I’m not sure Dr. Koh got the joke but he did smile politely – guess I won’t be adding comedian to my resume anytime soon!)
Dr. Koh, fielding questions from the media

I then got a chance to chat with the elegant Kija Kim, ATASK’s Board chair (whom I met previously at ATASK's Silk Road Gala). Ms. Kim said that ATASK was “only one of four charitable organizations” selected for partnership with the LSO – a great honor considering all the charities that are present in the New England area. Ms. Kim also mentioned one of ATASK’s big initiatives for the upcoming year would be “the prevention of teen domestic violence and stopping and educating teens during the early stages of a relationship through workshops and counseling.”
Dr. Koh with LSO and ATASK Board Members

Then onto the concerto! I wish you readers could hear in person how wonderful and moving the music was that evening, because I was nearly moved to tears by the beautiful strings of the violin and twinkling of the ivory keys. fan/friend Rohit and me

Since this is a foodie site, I can’t leave you readers without a few pictures of the food at the reception after the concert. Delectable fruit tarts and traditional Chinese dessert buns were served from Japoinese, which truly ended the night on a sweet note!
Fyi, I made sure to brush my teeth (with bottled water) afterwards to ensure good oral health :)


Derek said...

Hey Athena - great blog! looks like a neat event. I'll check back often!

Kevin said...
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Kevin said...

Hey, if you want to promote ATASK, you have a pal for life in me.

Finance Foodie said...

@LaCosaNostradamus I welcome all comments, good or bad, but i do not publish anything with obscene language thanks!

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