Tuesday, February 16, 2010

New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2010: Who.What.Wear Part 1

By: Finance Foodie

After spending an exciting but exhausting weekend in New York for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week – man, am I glad to be back in Boston! I’m still recovering from the visually stimulating three point five days filled with everything from jeweled embroidered tights to shaggy fur dresses! Though Boston might be better known for its “Intellectual Prowess” versus its “Fashion Prowess”, I discovered a few looks from the runways that would fit nicely into any occasion for life in Boston. [Note: these looks wont be in stores till Fall 2010, but its never too early to start planning!]

Day 0.5
What (show): Costello Tagliapietra @ Milk Studios

Plaid and suspender doning duo Jeffrey Costello and Robert Tagliapietra’s collection was said to inspired by early 80’s Japanese fashion. The autumn toned fabrics combined with the intricate drapping on the dresses felt warm and smooth - akin to falling into a sea of chocolate and raspberry mousse. Models donned bright cherry red lips – which provided a sweet “pop” to each look
(For) Who: The career lady who appreciates the art of high fashion, looking for seamless transition from day-to-night 
Wear (this out to): Chic and classy joints like Drink or the W Boston for an after-work cocktail
Fun Fact(s): The first two rows were gifted with gorgeous sling bags featuring AirDye's multu-colored circle print. Yours truly was seated in row three and was gifted with a program for the show. Grrrr.

Day 1
What (show): George Charkra @ Promenade, Bryant Park
Evening wear maestro George Charka presented a mixed bag of 42 looks using a variety of fabrics and construction styles – from structured and form fitting tuxedo dresses to futuristic gold lame cocktail gowns. I couldn't quite pinpoint an actual theme for this season, but the magnificent red chiffon gown with beaded cummberbund and tulle bodice (right) made up for the lack of cohesiveness in the collection.
(For) Who: The lady about town
Wear (this out to): Gallivanting across the benefit scene at events like the Boston Ballet Ball, the MFA Summer Party, or Roxcomp – where you can look like a million bucks while donating a million bucks!
Fun Fact(s): Simon and Alex McCord from the Real Housewives of NYC were seated in the front row.

What (show): Andy & Debb @ Salon, Bryant Park
Korean husband and wife duo Seokwon Andy Kim and Wonjeong Debbie Yoon featured a strong collection of impeccably tailored jackets and trousers – fashion foward yet appropriate for most office-type jobs. A favorite look from this season would have to be the tiered navy sheared mink coat (left) - perfect for keeping warm and but looking cool during the brutal Boston winters.
(For) Who: The fashionista who doesn't want to sacrifice style for warmth
Wear (this out to): a romantic stroll around Boston Common; running errands around town because looking great doesn't have to stop when you're buying eggs at Shaw's
Fun Fact(s): Devon Aoki (a friend of the designing duo) and Leigh Lezark were front row. Also, generous giftbags containing luxe Amore Pacific beauty products were given out to the first three rows. I was seated in Row 4. Grrr.

What (show): Twinkle @ Promenade, Bryant Park
Designer Wenlan Chia’s signature knitwear was out in full force this season and her fun and flirty dresses are perfect for making an entrance at any dinner party. My favorite piece was the printed sheath dress adorned with the signature knit cowl – stylish yet comfortable and (most importantly), figure flattering for the everyday non-model girl.
(For) Who: The fresh out of college grad who has just started in the workforce
Wear (this out to): Fabulous get-togethers out with your other twenty-something friends at the scene-to-be-scene South End restaurants/bars like Rocca, The Butcher Shop, or Sister Sorel – where you obviously will be the best dressed in your Twinkle dress!
Fun Fact(s): I had standing room invites for this show and the house was PACKED - so basically I was on tippy toes (in my heels) during the whole show.

What (show): Arise African Collective @ Tent, Bryant Park
Three shows in one! Presented by Arise Magazine, the first global style and culture magazine to celebrate African achievement in fashion and arts, this show featured the labels Black Coffee from South Africa, Tanzania's Loin Cloth & Ashes, and Deola Sagoe from Nigeria. My favorite look of the night (pictured below) was from the team at Loin Cloth & Ashes. The metallic fabric and structured shoulders of this mini-dress had me at hello as it came onto the runway.
(For) Who: The African Queen that is proud of her ethnic roots
Wear (this out to): The Beehive- a hip, funky yet mellow restaurant that has great food and live bands that play jazz and the blues
Fun Fact(s): One of my favorite shows this season as crowd at Arise was very enthusiasic and energeitc - clapping and cheering as the looks sashayed down the runway. Also spotted some of my favorite models  - Chanel Iman, Sessille Lopez on the runway and Liya Kebede sitting front row - and saw NBA star Jamal Thomas towering over the crowd as well as Real Housewives of Atlanta's Dwight looking dapper (and botoxed!) in the front row.

[photos courtesy of: Getty Images, Showroom Seven]

Click here for Day 2 and Day 3 of my Foray into Fashion Week!!


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Pretty Dresses

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Lol! @ "dapper (and botoxed)"...very true...nicely written, I feel like I was there...oh wait! I WAS there...lol!

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