Sunday, February 14, 2010

Baby L.A.M.B: Chatting with Gwen Stefani at New York Fashion Week

By: Anne M. Raso

We were lucky enough to corner Gwen Stefani at the side of the runway during the L.A.M.B. Winter 2010 show and we think it was super-swell of her to let photogs and journos do their thing for ten minutes after the festivities ended. Most designers just run away after taking their bow at the end of the show! Gwen looked like her usual Marilyn Monroe-esque self except that she was sporting a military style jacket from the new collection. Son Zuma was in the back, being babysat by a junior publicist who did all she could to keep the mini-brother-creeper-boot wearing blond cutie away from photogs - including turning his back to the paps and putting her hands over his eyes (which he found rather amusing actually-he thought the PR flack was playing some sort of hide and seek game)!

Q: Wow, I loved the show and the way the models came in and stood on platforms after walking instead of just going backstage. You needed a lot of extra models to be able to do that. I am curious about what else are you doing while you are in NYC?

Gwen: I have been here a week so I have pretty much done all sorts of meetings, met some other designers, took Zuma (who is at the show with me) to a couple of fun places in town, ate some NY pizza and am ready to go home. I admit that I did enjoy the snow being from the West Coast and all! Everyone was complaining about the snow but I enjoyed it!

Q: Did you ever expect L.A.M.B. to be so successful?

Gwen: I never expected it....I just wanted to make clothes that I thought were cute and wanted to wear myself. Then it was successful and then I had whole fragrance line with a new summery fragrance coming out this summer and the ball just keeps rolling. It is very surreal to me.

Q: Tell me about the L.A.M.B. collection this season.
It is a little bit of vintage Hollywood which is very me, then a little modern soldier girl thrown into the mix. It is like 'flashy soldier girl' if I had to define the line in a phrase.

Q: Everyone was turning around looking at you watching the show. What made you decide to come out into the crowd here at Milk Studios?

Gwen: I wanted to see it--so I climbed up on a ladder onto a platform that was probably intended originally for one of the models to stand on. I hope I did not confuse any of the girls but they did a great job (laughs)! I worked so hard on this collection and I wanted to see it--even if it seemed odd that I was out in the crowd!

Q: Do you have any personal remembrances of the late Alexander McQueen?

Gwen: I never got to meet him or go to any of his shows. I think he was really talented though and from what I hear was a very gracious person. His death has brought a lot of sadness to the whole fashion week.

Q: How are you spending Valentine's Day?

Gwen: I have been away from my husband for a whole week so I just hope to be kissing him a little!

[photos by Anne M. Raso]


MRK said...

I did not know that Gwen Stefani had a fashion line but it is certainly her. You make her sound like such a real caring person, someone who keeps her perspective while living an exceptionsl life.

StylebyLisa said...

Hey just saw this post - great interview and Gwen looks beautiful! It was nice meeting you at the Custo show last season, are you heading to NYFW this Fall?

Unknown said...

NYFW is coming up again - will you be covering it again?

Finance Foodie said...

@Carrisa @StylebyLisa Yup will be there again - less than a month away!

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