Saturday, February 20, 2010

New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2010: Who.What.Wear Part 2

By: Finance Foodie

(...Continued from Part 1)

I approached Day 2 of my Foray into Fashion Week with a bit of apprehension, as it was my busiest day out of the three days I was in town. With shows booked back to back, including a few off-site shows sandwiched in between, I was afraid I'd collapse from exhaustion before the day was done!. However, with carefully planning (one of the few things I learned from my banking days!) and a bit of luck, I managed to see all my shows and even mustered enough energy go out on a Valentine's Day date. Afterall, I can always sleep when I am dead.
Anyways, on to the show recaps....

What (show): Lela Rose @ Salon, Bryant Park
There are very few designers that would have me bright eyed and bushy tailed on a Sunday morning, but Lela Rose is one of them. As the go-to designer for the girly-girl and the society types, Lela showcased a collection of romantic cocktail dresses, flighty ethereal gowns, and textural little jackets that were inspired by the celestial skies and lunar earth as seen from the Galapagos Islands (where Ms. Rose recently vacationed). Standout looks included the lagoon print canvas dress, and the constellation dot jacket and trouser set paired with a rock embroidered necklace.
(For) Who: The ladies who lunch
Wear (this out to): Afternoon tea with your equally prim and feminine girlfriends at the Four Seasons Bristol Lounge or the Taj Boston's Lounge
Fun Fact(s): Lela, like myself, is a Texas native who knows the meaning of Southern hospitality. All the seats were given giftbags filled with beauty goodies from the likes of  Ted Gibson and Tarte. Also, the soundtrack was killer - hearing "That's All" by Clare and the Reason, a song on continual repeat on my ipod, at the start of the show put me in a jovial mood.

What (Show): Lorick presentation @ Union Square Ballroom
Frappuccino and protein bar still uneaten but in hand, I hightailed my butt immediately to Union Square to the Lorick presentation at 11am. Former model Abigail Lorick's (perhaps best know for her Eleanor Waldorf fashion line on show Gossip Girl) line of pretty 1950's inspired looks  - that managed not to look dated for 2010 -  is perfect for the fashionista who wants all eyes on her as she enters the room. I ran into my fellow Texan friend Esti, owner of, at this presentation, and we both were in awe of the black ruffled Lady Balla jacket paired with oversized grey tweed trousers. You know you love it too xoxo!
(For) Who: The Gossip Girl
Wear (this out to): Om Restaurant and Lounge in Cambridge - if you don't catch the eye of a Harvard or MIT hottie, you can still imbibe on some pretty tasty cocktails
Fun Fact(s): Since this was a presentation vs. a runway show, I was able to take some pretty great up close shots of all the clothes (why can't all shows be this easy). Also, the Fiji water they were passing out at the venue was a welcome respite from the funky tasting O.N.E. water at the Tents.

What (show): Simon Spurr @ Altman Building
British born Simon Spurr's collection of chic but confident double breasted suits and coats can turn any ermmm....physically challenged Bob from accounting into a sexy international playboy. This was actually my first time attending a menswear show, but with all the deliciously attractive male models and extremely well dressed (but mostly gay) male audience, I just might have to add more men's collections to my future fashion week schedule.
(For) Who: The Ivy League educated fund manager
Wear (this out to): The Alumni clubhouse (i.e. Harvard Club) or other member-only clubs (i.e .The Algonquin Club, The Union Club) - where you can look debonair, sip scotch, and conduct business.
Fun Fact(s): Anna Wintour, with ever present bodyguard in tow, was right behind me as I exited the show. I guess that commotion happening behind me wasn't because of me! Also, before the show began, the lovely PR girls were passing out fortune cookies in lieu of the Chinese New Year holiday...festive!

What (show): Rebecca Taylor @ Salon, Bryant Park
After recovering from the Wintour sighting, I traveled back to the Tents for the Rebecca Taylor show at 2pm. Ms. Taylor is know for consistently featuring wearable and pretty pieces, and this season was no exception. Sheer dresses accentuated with feathery detailing, floaty silk blouses, and ruffly sweaters all paired with over the knee suede boots made for beautiful eye candy.
(For) Who: The BU or Northeastern sorority girl
Wear (this out to): Date dashes, frat mixers, and shopping on Newbury St. and Copley Mall with your sisters 
Fun Fact(s): I barely made it in to the show since they only let a handful of standing room invitees in (this was an improvement from last year, where I was shut out after waiting in line for an hour. Grrrr). It was tough to see since I was shoved in the corner, but I did manage to spot Carmen Electra, Michele Trachtenberg, and Whitney Port mugging for the cameras pre-show.

Click here for the final day in my Foray into Fashion Week!
[photos courtesy of: Getty Images, Starworks]


Pretty Shiny Sparkly said...

Awesome! We are going next year, 'kay?? seriously, how does one get on the lists? loved the "who what wear" format, very original! I like!

Anonymous said...

I was also at the Rebecca Taylor show and I felt the collection was uninspired. I thought I was in a runway show for the Forever 21 brand. Glad you had a chance to make it inside to see such unoriginal work.

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