Tuesday, February 23, 2010

New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2010: Who.What.Wear Part 3

By: Finance Foodie

(Continued from Part 1 and Part 2)

My final day at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week was the most chill – no shows or events until the evening meant I had the afternoon and morning free to hangout with friends in the City (whom I’m highly thankful for – as they immediately took me to Chinatown for a big bowl of noodles upon hearing about my deprivation of solid foods for the past two days). Anyways, onto the final installment!

What (show): Tony Cohen @ Salon, Bryant Park*
Dutch born Tony Cohen is a NYC girl's dream man - not only is this ex-athlete uber easy on the eyes, he also produces beautifully draped garments using a predominantly black color palate. My seatmate and I could not stop gushing over Tony's intricate plays of the LBD using an eclectic blend of wools, cashmere, and silk jersey.
(For) who: The New York City transplant who hasn’t quite abandoned her all-black de rigueur NYC wardrobe
Wear (this to): Painfully hip nightspots like the Foundation Lounge, Gypsy, or Umbria that serve as a reminder of nights in the Meatpacking District.
Fun Fact(s): Lovely giftbags filled with assorted beauty items from Napoleon Perdis (who did the makeup for the show and who was seated in the first row) were given out on all seats. The runway also was decorated with black rose petals - which gave the show a romantically macabre Valentine's Day touch.

What (show): Custo Barcelona @ Tent, Bryant Park*
Lights! Camera! Action! were the three words that popped into my head as I watched Custo Barcelona's brightly flamboyant looks sashay down the runway. Under the name "Hairy Metal", Custo Dalmau presented a collection of bronze, steel, gold, black, and rust mixed with graphics inspired by mercury, melted silver, red hot iron and tin. With all the hot pink furs, jewel toned tie dyed satin mini dresses with metallic accents, and sparkly suits (for men!), I had the urge to jump up and do the disco ala Saturday Night Fever style!
(For) who: The jet set international playboy(girl) who embraces color and attention
Wear (this to): International night (i.e. every night) at Venu or Rumor – where the disco ball is the only thing that can outshine your outfit
Fun Fact(s): Second time in a row that I was placed in the second row (pun intended!). I sat directly behind Miss USA and Miss Universe - both decked out in head to toe Custo - while the photographers were taking snaps. So if you happened to stumble upon any said photos - look for a little Asian girl in the corner - unless I’m (very likely) photoshopped out.

What (show): Style360 / Bebe Launch Party @ Soho
The night before the Bebe x Kim Kardashian fashion show, Bebe threw a grand opening party at their new Soho store. While I was sad that Miss K was MIA (the busy bee was at Sephora launching her new fragrance. Grrr.), I managed to console myself by checking out the sexy skin hugging dresses and bling bling accessories around the shop while sipping on the free flowing champagne. Now that's a double Yum!
(For) who: The glamazon who is proud of her body
Wear (this to): The Liberty Hotel Bar – cause when the girl to guy ratio is 10:1 – you gotta find a way to stand out
Fun Fact(s): Even though the Kardashian was MIA, I still was entertained by the sounds from Little Boots (pictured above), who DJed the event. I couldn't stay long since I had to hike it uptown for the Perry Ellis show but I heard Grizz Chapman from 30 Rock "rocked" the event later on with his presence.

What (show): Perry Ellis @ Promenade, Bryant Park
...And last but certainly not least for the weekend: Perry Ellis. I was pumped to be attending another eye candy menswear show (after the pleasant experience at Simon Spurr) and Perry Ellis did not disappoint. Creative Director John Crocco sent out classic sweaters, coats, and pleated pants perfect for a day at the office along with more avant garde pieces (i.e. the crocodile embossed waist coat, red velvet scarves). The standout piece would have to be the lush velvet blazer with a pocket square detail (right) because lets face it, boys look better in velvet (girls too - as I too own a velvet blazer sans pocket square!)
(For) who: The preppy and clean cut financier or consultant
Wear (this to): Power lunches or client meetings at Sensing or Miel
Fun Fact(s): By far one of the most interesting shows (ex-the clothes) since A: I had a brief conversation with Terrell Owens (ok, well, it was actually just an “I’m sorry” since I  bumped into him as I was heading to my seat.) B: A star studded front row including Robert Buckley, Mark Indelicato, and Jessica Stroup and C: Unbenknownst to many of the folks in the Tent, this was one of the American Express sponsored skybox shows. Confused gasps were heard across the audience as the curtains opened to revel a one way mirror into the venue - one self-important (and likely sauced - this was at the end of a very long day of shows) fashionista thought we were being spied on by the CIA!

So 12 shows/events in the span of 3.5 days – a fantastic weekend but glad to finally get some rest and eat solid foods….until next season rolls around!

*These shows occurred on Day 2, however, I wanted to balance each post with four recaps. 
[runway photos courtesy of: Getty Images]

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ABostonFan said...

The Custo Barcelona show looks wild. I live near Venu and I think i have seen some of these outfits coming out around 2am in the morning!

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