Monday, June 15, 2009

Arty Party: MFA Summer Masquerade Party Boston

By: Finance Foodie

I have gotten the opportunity to attend a plethora of eclectic parties in Boston - from the star studded fabulosity (RoxComp) to the awesomely over the top (GPOE) to the just plain delicious (Taste of South End, Taste of Beacon Hill). All these events have shown me that Boston is definitely not the sleepy city I assumed it to be, but yet I still wondered, “What is the must attend party of the year here?” This past Saturday, I found my answer: The Museum of Fine Arts Summer Party. Over 400 of Boston's most social, esteemed, and beautiful young professionals attended this sold out event, which was organized by the Museum Council and held to benefit the Museum's Artist in Residency Program.

Below is my “pseudo twitter” of the night. Note that I do not actually have a “Twitter” (pro-blogging!), but this was what would have appeared if I did twitter.

9:00pm: I arrive on site at Museum of Fine Arts. Two lovely sopranos are outside serenading the guests as they enter the building. Classy.

10:10pm: Head up the grand winding staircase. Enter the cavernous main hall where the festivities are already in full swing. This was my first time visiting the MFA in Boston and I was completely blown away by the sheer beauty of the place. Felt like I had just walked into a party at the Palace at Versailles.

10:30pm: Wonder if I the security guards would detain me if I tried to touch one of the paintings on the wall (like they did at the Getty Museum). Decide tonight is not the night to find out.

10:45pm: Check out the adjacent the rotunda which display all the artwork in the silent auction. Really want to buy the ceramic vessels for our bookshelf (the vessels would look perfect next to the African tribal mask hanging beside the shelf). Look at the bids and suddenly remembered how much my rent and credit card bills already were for this month. Pass.
11:00pm: Head over to the hors d'Ĺ“uvres table (Finance Foodie can’t forget about that, natch). I spy cod cakes …hooray! I actually like cod cakes better than its more expensive sister crab cake. Moral of the story: great food comes at all price points.
11:10pm: I see Adriana Sassoon, personal stylist/designer/owner of Mizu Salon and AJ Williams, owner of Creative Events chilling on the couch. I feel horribly underdressed in my rather casual Alexander McQueen skirt compared to these glamorous and bejeweled ladies. Although my dress did have rather cute and practical stretchy pockets.
11:11pm: Attendees are rocking out on the dance floor to Lady Gaga’s Just Dance. This song is followed by Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing. The DJ and I totally have the same ipod playlist.

11:12pm: Even the guys are masked out!
11:30pm: I spot lady about town Tonya Mezrich wearing a gorgeous Michael DePaulo dress that seemed to glow with the light with local radio host Kate Considine in a beautiful black gown. Again feel underdressed but am happy about my elastics pockets (which holds my blackberry perfectly)
11:15pm: More decked out partygoers! Loving the masks!
11:45pm: Take one last turn on the dance floor and head home. Another happening night in a not so sleepy Boston!

For more photos, click here

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