Friday, December 17, 2010

Elvis Presley For The Holidays: From Monopoly To A Mug Shot "T"!

By: Anne M. Raso

We have to hand it to the folks at Graceland and Elvis Presley Enterprises for being the architects behind a whole slew of clever Elvis gifts for the holidays--and all are available on and The official Elvis merch team wanted to make sure all the gift items were super-special this year since it's the 75th anniversary of Graceland. I'm happy to say that this writer was the second person in NewYork City to be gifted with the new runaway hit, the Elvis Presley Mr. Potatohead, and we couldn't be prouder of that fact. It was NBC's Al Roker who got the very first Elvis Mr. Potatohead back in October--simply because so many people who saw pics of it on the web thought it looked as much like the famed weatherman/anchor as The King himself! We here at have this as our very top pick as a kitschy but collectible Elvis holiday gifts in the 20 buck range (it retails for exactly $20.00, as a matter of fact).

We think our true-blue foodie readers will love the Elvis Blue Christmas Wine (Pinot Noir) featuring a pic of Elvis in red on the label ($14.99), the Elvis Blueberry Green Tea (25 bags in a cute canister for $9.99), and the Elvis On Tour Blu-Ray Disc With Book ($34.99) to indulge in while drinking that wine or tea!
Other fave items include the Elvis Mug Shot T-shirt ($15.00) although upon further investigation, it is not a mug shot at all--but an ID photo Elvis had to take that fateful day in the 70s when he visited Richard Nixon in the White House. Speaking of wearable Elvis items, the Rock & Roll Racerback Ladies Tank has hand-applied crystals and was designed by artist Joe Petrrucio ($120), and the Love Me Tender Youth T -Shirt ($26.00) has the funky retro hipster look young teens are into these days.
More highlights from the Christmas collection at include Elvis Monopoly ($34.99) which is a special 75th anniversary edition of the game and said to probably become highly collectible in the future. And let's not forget the Elvis Has Left The Building Shopper Tote, which features a cool black and white shot of Elvis circa 1956 ($7.00).
Finally, team up the Elvis '68 Comeback iPod skin ($14.99) with the cool black and red Elvis Earbuds ($20.00). You know that if The King were still alive, he would have bought the entire line for not only the Memphis Mafia but every member of his fan club as well!
And we're sorry to say that there are no jumpsuits available in the Christmas merch line--you will just have to go to a Christie's auction and bid on one (they usually got in the 200 to 400K range)! Happy shopping--don't forget that it's a "Blue Christmas" without Elvis!

[Photos Courtesy: SHOPELVIS.COM/Elvis Presley Enterprises]

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now i want some blue suede shoes ;)

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