Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Suite Life! Boston Celtics vs. Portland Trailblazers

By: Finance Foodie

The Boston Celtics 99-95 win against the Portland Trailblazers on Wednesday night marks the team's fifth straight victory -- let's go Celtics! It was a seat gripping game -- Portland was in the lead for the first half before the Green brought out the big guns for the win (to the home court crowd's delight!).

I had the pleasure of watching this exciting playoff all go down yesterday night. And it gets even better. Because where did I watch Shaq score his 14 points for the night? The Garden View Executive Suite! Let me tell you, this is the ultimate way to enjoy a Celtics game (or any live sporting event)! Our box featured plush seats, an open bar, and most importantly, a personal bathroom (because fighting the hordes of women during halftime for a stall in the ladies room is not my idea of fun).

Because the promise of a nice buffet style dinner was just as enticing as the game itself, I immediately scoped out the food lineup (as any true food enthusiast would do). I started out with a few samplings of cheeses from the generous fulsome fruit, cheese and nut plate. Mmmm - look at the size of those strawberries!
I skipped the chip and dip next to the cheese plate, because I had bigger fish to fry (or in this case eat!). The main buffet line consisted the usual bar food bites, including mini BBQ pulled pork sliders, chicken quesadillas, chicken strips, and nachos. The real standout of the night (besides Ray Allen's 3 point shot with 10 seconds on the clock) was the baked macaroni and cheese topped with breadcrumbs. Simple the dish may be, but the breadcrumbs really gave the mac and cheese a nice "krunchy kick" and reminded me of the way they made it in the South -- seconds please!
I finished my dinner with a nice pecan sandy cookie from the cookie and brownie tray. Obviously, I don't get to enjoy these luxuries all the time (especially now given the state of the volatile economy), but this game was surely a fun and sweet treat on a otherwise rainy Wednesday night!


Anonymous said...

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ABostonFan said...

Go Green!

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