Monday, October 19, 2009

ATASK's Silk Road Gala 2009 Boston

By: Finance Foodie

As the temperature drops in Boston, my motivation for leaving my warm and cozy apartment also dwindles - nights basking by the warm glow of Top Chef and Rachel Zoe Project marathons in a Snuggie just seem so comforting when the weather is so harsh outside. However, when I was invited to attend the Asian Task Force Against Domestic Violence (ATASK)’s Silk Road Gala at the Mandarin Oriental Boston this past Saturday night, not even the Snuggie could keep me in – I got to support my people after all!

I must confess, even though supporting any cause that helps survivors of domestic violence would have me ready in a ball gown pronto, I was really more excited to see the local chefs that were scheduled to attend (I am a foodie afterall!).

Back by popular demand, a live “twitter” of the night follows:

7:00pm: Arrived at the Mandarin in my white Brooks Brothers non iron dress shirt, black Wolford tights, Gap Kids black satin shorts, and a hot pink Lands End Kids jacket. Yes, even at 25 years young, I still wear kids clothes. No shame.

7:15pm: First table: Oishii Sushi offered a simple salmon sashimi garnished with Yuzu honey. The salmon was fresh and the honey was a sweet touch. The night is off to a tasty start!
7:20pm: Next stop, Radius’ table. Chef Michael Schlow was manning the table and offering shrimp with spicy watermelon pancetta and avocado. As a refresher, Chef Schlow’s was a contender on Top Chef Masters as the lone Boston rep. I told him I though he should have won. He handed me an extra serving of his dish. Cool!
7:25pm: Holy Piglet! Asana’s very literal version of Mu Shu pork.
7:30pm: …and I then ran into Mayor Menino! Mayor M has been a big supporter of ATASK and has been attending their annual gala for 7 years straight! Here he is flanked by Audrey Paek (ATASK Board Member) and Kija Kin (ATASK Board Chair) - both in lovely traditional Hanbok dresses - and his wife Angela. Also looking very tradtional that evening was ATASK's Board Chair Emeritus Atsuko Fish, in a lovely royal blue kimono (not pictured).
7:35pm: Lots of awesome auction items!
7:40pm: Ken Oringer of KO Prime and crew dancing to music while serving pork belly and kimchi sandwich. Quite a fun bunch indeed!
8:00pm: Hello Chef Ming Tsai! I think I waited at least twenty minutes for this chicken dumpling with mint tzatziki sauce. It was worth it.
8:45pm: If I waited twenty minutes for Chef Ming’s creation, then I must have waited forty for Scampo’s Lydia Shire’s crisp duck leg with five spice dipping sugar. Love the lobster pin Lydia!
9:00pm: As the evening drew to a close, a selection of delicious desserts were brought out by Joanna Chang of Flour Bakery to cap off the night. My camera died at this juncture so I headed back home – full as a whale and happy as a clam!

Proceeds from the Silk Road Gala help support the Asian Task Force Against Domestic Violence (ATASK) organization. ATASK is New England’s only provider of linguistically and culturally appropriate services and programs for Asian survivors of domestic violence. For more information about ATASK or to contribute to the cause, please visit


Connie said...

that crane flock decoration is awesome...i almost want to make one for my house

Laurie said...

It was great running into you at this event...nice recap. I hope to see you soon.

SK said...

I was volunteering at the event! Love seeing your photos from the attendee's perspective :)

Finance Foodie said...

@Laurie - great seeing you as well! hope you had fun

@SK - awesome - glad you were able to help out, it was a really neat event!

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