Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Vroom Vroom - Gotham Magazine & Infiniti Culinary Showcase NYC

By: Finance Foodie

A few evenings ago, Gotham Magazine & Infiniti threw a culinary fete at the super massive and trendy events spot Espace. Executive chefs from the city’s hippest eateries were on hand sampling their signature bites along with recommended custom cocktail pairings. It was a bitter cold and snowy night - but this party sounded too hot to pass up. Here are a few of my favorite morsels from the night.
Finance Foodie sampling a Pepper-Pepper cocktail 

Best Savory
Marble Lane Chef Manuel Trevino's Kobe patty melt sandwich was too hot to trot (literally, as my sampling was served straight from the grill to my plate). The Kobe was super juicy and rich, which was enhanced by the grilled butter soaked toast. Obviously this is not a diet friendly dish but definitely worth the splurge.

Most Inventive
The deep friend PB&J sandwich with vanilla dipping sauce from pastry chef Zac Young of David Burke Kitchen was not only the best sweet offering, but also the most inventive dish of the night. I've seen many a deep fried concoctions before, but this was my first time seeing and eating a deep fried PB&J sandwich. And after this tasting, it certainly won't be the last.

Best Ethnic
The Don Hwa, a shredded pork bite encapsuled in a wonton shell topped with an arugula and jalapeno puree, from Chef David Shim at the upscale K-town joint Kristabelli had my vote for best ethnic. This bite was truly a melting pot of cultures and flavors - how symbolic of the people of NYC!

Best Presentation
TOY's Chef Doron Wong served his crispy rice wrapped chicken meatball in a festive paper boat, which sat on top of a larger even more festive toy boat. The "Boardwalk style" meatball was tasted fantastically festive too.
Besides the yummy sips and snacks, guests also got a chance to check out the newest additions to the Infiniti family. Unfortunately, they weren't giving these cars away in the gift bag, but hey - parking is a pain in NYC anyways.

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