Monday, September 6, 2010

Tiger at the 16: Deutsche Bank Golf Championship

By: Finance Foodie

Last Friday, I had the chance to watch PGA pros play live when the Bermuda Tourism Board invited me to attend the 1st round of the Deutsche Bank Golf Championship. Now to be honest, when it comes to golf (and thankfully, my personal life), I am no Tiger Woods. In fact, I still cringe remembering the time I dinged my golf instructor’s shiny new BMW when my flyaway shot zinged sideways off the driving range and into the parking lot. So even though I don’t play or follow golf religiously, I’ve watched enough games to know the major players. Therefore, I was uber excited to see Woods, as well as some of my other favorites (Mickelson, Furyk) live in action!
So Legit
When I arrived at the TPC Boston golf course in Norton, MA, I headed straight to the Bermuda Tourism’s nice and cozy sky chalet right next to the 16th hole. This, my reader friends, is the best way to enjoy golf – a covered seating area merely a few feet from the hole, an open bar, and a yummy catered lunch. Best of all, my arrival was perfectly timed, for Tiger was currently playing the 14th hole and would be at on site at the 16th hole shortly! While I waited, I helped myself to lunch consisting of baked cod, pesto pasta, and the most delicious sampling of lemon, raspberry, and pecan cashew dessert bars (cameras and cell phones weren’t allowed on the grounds, so no pics of the food –sorry my food loving friends!).
Snapped before security threatened to confiscate my camera
Finally (after a few rain delays) the big moment arrived! Tiger, along with his 40 bazillions fans, photographers, and policemen (I guess to keep the crazies in check) made his way over the 16th hole. Apparently in the past, when Woods would play at the PGA Grand Slam of Golf in Bermuda, the event attendance would go up by 40%! And it looked no different here at the DB Challenge. Even though his name was tarnish and his game off this year, Tiger still drew the biggest crowd by far compared to the other players. Also, I noticed that all the women took out their binoculars for a “closer look” at Mr. Woods (myself included – but I must admit, he is better looking in person, at least compared to the tabloid covers).
Woods at the PGA Grand Slam, Bermuda*
After Tiger finished the hole, the crowd dispersed, but I stuck around a bit longer to watch the remaining players come by (while helping myself to more Gosling’s Dark and Stormy cocktails). Although I arrived too late to see Mickelson and Furyk, I did see rising star Anthony Kim play (go Asians!). All and all, an incredible experience made me want to pick up my clubs and head out immediately to the nearest driving range. So thanks a bunch to the Bermuda Tourism for inviting me and kicking off the Labor Day weekend off on the right foot!

*Source: BermudaOnline


ABostonFan said...

your life=amazing

Anonymous said...

Tiger is a sleazy cheater - I cannot believe you are glorifying him - shame on you!!!!!

Unknown said...

So odd they don't allow cameras at PGA games (what will become of all the snap happy foodies?) - the US open and all the baseball games I've been to allow pictures

Unknown said...

Don't listen to @anon (who needs to man / woman up and use his / her real name with a comment like that). The article is great and you are fabulous

Unknown said...

I wish you had pictures of the food the pecan cashew bars sound delicious!

NOTaFan said...

Tiger Woods is a no good loser who has fallen from his high's articles like this that keep him in the spotlight

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