Thursday, September 16, 2010

New York Fashion Week Spring / Summer 2011: Weekend Part 2

By: Finance Foodie

(continued from part 1)

After staying out into the wee-hours of the night on Saturday (ok it was actually only till 3am, which is early for NYC, but late for granny-pants me these days), I woke up at 11am and realized that there was no way I was going to make it from the UES to the West Side for the Simon Spurr show (which started at umm…11am). So I went back to sleep, disappointed knowing that I was missing some quality eye candy. Argh.

The Eats:
Whole Foods Time Warner Center
10 Columbus Circle
New York, NY
Back when I was Austin, I used to go to Whole Foods all the time for lunch, since it was not only close to where I lived, but the sheer selection of options always excited my taste buds. Feeling nostalgic, I decided to have lunch at the Whole Foods in the Time Warner Center. Apparently, everyone and their mothers go to Whole Foods on Sunday afternoons - the place was packed! I must have waited at least 30 minutes in the EXPRESS line to pay for my salad. My dining companion however was smarter - she paid in the coffee line with virtually no wait (so there’s a tip for you readers!).
\Anyways, the salad was good – so I guess I can’t complain too much.

The Shows:
The Studio @Lincoln Center
Spanish born and self-taught Joaquin Trias’s collection could be summed up in one word: minimalist. Sophisticated and well constructed dresses graced the runways in shades of white, red, and browns. Beautiful rope belts and wooden platformed pumps also added a special touch to each look. These outfits would be perfect for business woman’s day at the office or a power lunch at the Four Seasons.
Fun Fact: I usually am just grateful for fashion week invitations, much less a seat, so I was thrilled that I was placed in the third row at the show.

Vassilios Kostetsos
The Studio @Lincoln Center
Greek born designer Vassilios Kostetsos used the inspiration of Greek Amazons for this collection this season, incorporating urn graphics, feather textures, gold embellishments, and chain mail into his ensembles. There were lots of teeny tiny bikini on the female models and -- to my delight --  tight swim trunks on the male models (more than made up for the missed eye candy in the morning). The looks were all incredibly artistic, and would fit right in at an more avant garde event, such as the annual ICA Gala or for Boston Pride Weekend.
Fun Fact: As this was last presentation of the day (at 9pm nonetheless), I was tempted to skip out as I had been handling other non-fashion related business all day. I’m glad I didn’t – not only was given second row seats, I also thought this was one of the most interesting collections I saw during my weekend at the tents.

Check out Part Three – the final chapter of my weekend here!

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