Tuesday, July 28, 2009

TWIST Ravioli Scrubby

Welcome to Finance Foodie Presents: Pioneering Products. These series brings you the exclusive 411 at the new and cool products that have recently come into the marketplace! 
“Let's get dirrty..”

Now as many of you know, I am a terrible cook. During the few occasions where I attempted to cook, the only things I managed to make were small fires and large messes. Luckily (or maybe strangely), I find it rather calming to clean up these messes – in fact, nothing makes me happier than seeing a sparkling countertop and cupboard full of neatly stacked shiny dishes and pans (I’m going to make a great wife one day, minus the not cooking part)!

Since I am a sucker for cool kitchen cleaning aids, imaging my excitement when I discovered the Ravioli Scrubby from TWIST! A kitchen sponge made to look like food…how ironically awesome! This hemp burlap pouch is filled with a biodegradable sponge and it does an awesome job in clearing off baked on (or in my case, burnt) food. And it’s an eco-friendly product – tough on stains but friendly to the Earth.I later found out at my local Whole Foods that TWIST makes a whole slew of food inspired cleaning products (i.e. Dish Dumpling, Sponge Cake, etc.)…witty! The products are a bit more expensive than your generic sponge from Wal-Mart, but well worth the investment (plus they are just so darn cute!).

To see more TWIST products, check out their website at www.twistclean.com

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