Friday, November 21, 2008

Secret and Sweet at Milk & Honey New York

By: Finance Foodie

So I made a sojourn to Milk & Honey (M&H) a few months back, wrote about it, but never published it until now. M&H is a small hidden speakeasy-type bar in Manhattan's Lower East Side. Reservations are mandatory and can only be done through a secret unlisted phone number that changes frequently. Major props to my foodie friend, now back in London, who hooked us up with the phone number. Below is an account of my night, circa March/April 2008.
"My two friends and I mangled a 10pm reservations for a Saturday night, so we walked over after dining at a nearby bistro. The walk there was quite terrifying (many hoodlum-like characters loitering in the streets) and I was concerned about the safety of our group (after all, we were but 3 girls with nothing but heels to use as weapons). Finally we arrived (thankfully unscathed) at our destination. We were tempted to take a picture of the door, but its pretty uneventful and unattractive. Also we felt that it was best not to wave shiny objects around in a not so safe looking neighborhood.

After passing through two heavy black curtains, we enter a room the size of a small loft that is lit only by candles. Since there is no formal menu, the bartender made custom drinks based on our liquor and fruit preferences (which I thought was pretty sweet :). I had a blackberry and lime gin-based drink. My friend had one that was similar to mine and my other friend had a Peach and Creme vodka drink (which I thought tasted the best :). All the cocktails were made with fresh squeezed fruits and juices (we saw the juicer man in the back) which I thought made the drinks taste clean, fresh, and the opposite of artificial. Drinks are $15 a glass, which is reasonable considering its NYC and the quality that goes into each concoction.
Rules of Conduct
I would most definitely say this place is one of the best cocktail places in NYC. It is a refreshing break from the "trendy" and velvet roped club / bar scene that dominates New York nightlife (M&H might have had some "models" but definitely no "bottles"). All and all, I great night filled with great drinks, great conversation, in the company of great friends"

Note: I just read recently that M&H will now be converted to a private members club. Although I am saddened to hear this (I visit NYC quiet often, but not often enough to warrant a membership), I am excited for the opportunity to visit other cocktail establishments that are in the city.

Milk & Honey
134 Eldridge St.
New York, NY 10002

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Anonymous said...

Athena, I love your write-up on Milk & Honey!! Had such a good time with you and C there - miss hanging out with you guys in New York! It was definitely one of my fondest memories of NY (and the journey there too was also up there on "scary NY streets" list...) Wish both of you could come to London, then we can check out the M&H in London too ;)

LOVE your blog!!

A xx

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