Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Fun and Fine Dining: Bagatelle Part Deux

By: Finance Foodie

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to revisit the Meatpacking hotspot Bagatelle for dinner. It had been a few years since my previously impressive gluttonous feast at this joint,  so I was excited to taste some of the new menu items!

When I arrived, I noticed the place was decorated in a retro theme, complete with Pac Man motifs and a old projector showing movies from my childhood (yes I am that old).  Tables were decorated with old vinyl records placemats and rainbow confetti which brought the party atmosphere - I knew it was going be a good time!
Tartare de Boeuf
Our table started with the Tartare de Boeuf ($24), which were delicious raw beef tartar bites served on crispy rice.  The beef was melt in your mouth tender and the rice crisps' solid consistency melded well with the soft tartare.
Filet de Flétan en Croute
For our entrees, we split a variety of dishes including the Filet de Flétan en Croute ($40), a bread crusted halibut served on top spaghetti squash with a touch of pumpkin purée; the Saumon d'Ecosse ($34), a grilled salmon accompanied by a medley of cauliflower, spinach, pine nuts, and grapes; and the Magret de Canard ($37), a honey glazed duck breast with brussels sprouts, blood orange, and macron almond.
Saumon d'Ecosse
Both the fishes dishes were excellently prepared and full of flavor, but my favorite by far was the Magret de Canard. The duck breasts were juicy and so well executed that it gave my mouth a feeling of "joie de vivre"! The blood orange was also a well paired lighter and citrusy contrast to the heavier duck and the almonds provided a welcomed nutty crunch.
Magret de Canard
Weekday dinners at Bagatelle tend to gravitate towards a more "classy hip" vibe versus "debaucherous hip" as during their legendary weekend boozy brunches, which is nice because it really allows for their well executed food items to shine. All and all, Bagatelle combines a fun time with fine dining and I can't wait for my next meal here!

1 Little W 12th St
New York, NY 10014
(212) 488-2110
Cuisine: French

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