Wednesday, January 25, 2017

The Art of Earl Grey with Twinings Tea

By Finance Foodie

Last night, I attended a cocktail celebration at Haven's Kitchen honoring the official launch of Twinings’ new Earl Grey blends – Lavender, Jasmine and Extra Bold. Twinings is an English brand of teas with a rich history - they been around for over 300 years and sell over 200 teas in more than 100 countries around the world. They obviously know their stuff when it comes to tea - so I've come to the right place for my evening caffeine fix.

Guests were able to sample the new Earl Grey blends (in steeped hot form and blended in specialty cocktails), chat with 10th generation Twining family member Stephen Twining, and even get their own handmade teapot. I'm normally a Green Tea kind of gal, but after sampling some of these concoctions, I might just have to switch to the Dark (Grey) side!
The Strand Cocktail, made with Lavender Earl Grey
Personalized Tea Pots!
In steeped form - my favorite was the Extra Bold
In the US, Twinings Teas can be found in most retail stores and also on their website. So don't delay - go out and try some Twinings (Earl Grey) today!

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