Thursday, May 23, 2013

Brother Jimmy's BBQ Dessert Bash: A Sweet Time For All!

By: Anne Raso

I was lucky enough to be invited to Brother Jimmy’s Union Square eatery for a wonderful dessert bash. Brother Jimmy’s is one of the smarter restaurant chains in New York as they have very together social media directors—most restaurants these days do not even have local PR people let alone people who cater to bloggers’ need (so a special “12 rib salute” for that)!
Brownie Sundae

I was thrilled to be able to taste test very large portions of their desserts served “buffet style” in the Union Square restaurant’s private party room downstairs. There was a large spread of homemade ice creams and fixings bar just like they make available for clients putting on private parties. The homemade ice cream flavors BJ’s serves includes the luscious Almond Joy and Butterscotch Swirl created over in Flushing by Max & Mina’s. Toppings at the sundae bar include mini marshmallows and chucks of brownies. And speaking of ice cream, BJ’s is getting a lot of acclaim for serving Melt Bakery’s Ice Cream Sandwiches. There are daily flavors you need to ask your server about when visiting BJ’s. I had the luscious Homemade Bourbon Ice Cream Sandwich—the cookie is vanilla and most of the flavor comes from the ice cream and it’s a truly unique flavor. It is a “must have” at your next trip to any of BJ’s numerous restaurants around town. I also adored the gooey goodness of the Brownie Sundae—which is a chewy brownie served with the aforementioned Butterscotch Swirl ice cream. Most of their desserts are priced reasonably at only $7, BTW.
Melt Bakery Ice Cream Sandwiches
The Red Velvet Cupcakes are classics and their cream cheese frosting is some of the best served in town but the hand down winners in the Brother Jimmy’s Battles Of The Desserts are (not surprisingly) Pecan Pie and Apple Crumb Pie. Those are Southern specialties and Southern fare is what Brother Jimmy’s does best. The Apple Crumb Pie is the PERFECT degree of sweetness. Maybe pastry chefs tend to put too much sugar in both the apple filling and in the crumb topping, but that is not the case here. The Pecan Pie is not overly sweet—and dare I suggest you tam it up with the Butterscotch Swirl ice cream for an a la mode experience that will blow off the back of your head!
Pecan Pie
Brother Jimmy’s also serves alcoholic sweets including the Dark & Snappy Float (Mother’s Milk and Snap Liqueur With Bourbon Ice Cream) and Cherry Rhubarb Pie Float (Rhubarb Tea Liquor and Cheerwine Teamed with Rum Ice Cream). These super large “desserts in a glass” are priced less than most Manhattan eatery and bars’ specialty cocktails at only $7-8 each.
Max and Mina's Ice Cream
I also noticed that the World’s Smallest Sundae (for only $2) brought a lot of smiles to faces young and old at the Dessert Bash I attended. BJ’s has a sense of humor in all that they do and that is greatly appreciated by their clientele.

Brother Jimmy's
116 E 16th St
New York, NY 10003
(212) 673-6465

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Photos: Anne Raso

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