Thursday, August 25, 2011

Full Stop Ahead in Rittenhouse Square at Parc Philadelphia

By: Finance Foodie

When I asked my Philly foodie friends about the city’s dining scene, only one name came up consistently -- “Stephen Starr.” For those that are unaware, Mr. Starr pretty much dominates the restaurant scene in Central Philly with such choice eateries as Continental, Alma de Cuba, El Vez (and a boat load of others). Last night, I had the pleasure of experiencing my first “Starr” experience at Parc, a chic little French styled bistro in the heart of Rittenhouse Square.

When we arrived, we were immediately brought to a table on the patio overlooking the Park. With a delightfully refreshing Citron Glace cocktail in one hand and made-in-house baguette in another – I felt I had been transported to the streets of Paris (minus the slew of Phillies-attired pedestrians perusing around the block).
I started dinner with a simple and traditional serving of escargot marinated in a hazelnut butter sauce and served with thin buttered crisps. Although the dish was quite heavy (the French do love their butter!), the escargot was extremely tender and juicy. I also liked the generous serving of bread – which aided my attempt to soak up every last drop of the heavenly butter sauce!
The main course was the Wednesday Menu Special – the Lobster Americaine. I’ve always said I’ve never met a lobster I didn’t like – tonight was no exception. The succulent tail and claw was full of flavor and the tagliolini pasta that it was served on top was cooked perfectly al dente. As the icing on the cake, chanterelle mushrooms were thrown in for a dash of excitement (and fun it was for my mouth!).
To wrap up an already extraordinary meal, I had the lovely Strawberry Gateau cake. As the layers upon layers of sweet sinfulness hit my tongue, I forgot temporarily that I'd need to hit the gym extra hard today to make up for this splurge meal. O'well – at least the strawberries count for one of my daily servings of fruit!
As I exited the restaurant and headed into the cool breezy night’s air, all I can say is – I think it’s going to be a great two years in Philly!

227 S 18th St
Philadelphia, PA 19103
(215) 545-2262
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