Friday, November 5, 2010

Joe Bastianich Hosts Pre-NYC Marathon Tasting at “La Scuola” in Eataly [New York]

By: Anne M. Raso

We recently caught up with Eataly co-owner/vineyard owner/food superstar/restauranteur Joe Bastianich at his mom Lidia's La Scuola in Eataly. As you might know, Joe recently shed 60 pounds despite his mom's world-class cooking and personally being the owner of various legendary eateries around the world. He is running the ING NYC Marathon on Sunday so he had some of the La Scuola staff cook dishes for the press last week -- dish that he thought were ideal for pre-Marathon carbo-loading (actually his personal favorites, including Pasta Pomodoro/Arrabbiata and Pasta Primavera With Grana Padano).
Grana Padano P.D.O. cheese was a sponsor for the event, and foodie press gleefully chowed down on eight or nine of Joe's pre-marathon dishes--which he points out are available at La Scuola and a few other Eataly eateries. The fact that nutritional info was supplied did not stop any press member from imbibing large portions (yours truly included)!
Say Cheeeeese!
Press folks got to take home a pound of the P.D.O. "Special Reserve"--which is sold in a special sack not unlike a Crown Royal liquor bottle. We spoke to Joe and he said, "I am here to announce that we are warmly welcoming runners. The marathon runners are all welcome at Eataly. We consider ourselves ground zero for Marathon Runners, Italian marathon runners especially. They can come to Eataly and use it as their home base while they are in New York. Pastas are available at the pasta restaurant and meat is available at Manzo."
What is up for Joe next? "We just opened a market called Tarry in Portchester, NY, and we are opening two restaurants in Singapore. I have a lot of great stuff going on." is very curious about how Joe will do in the marathon on Sunday and in particular, and more importantly, which of these dishes we samples that he will be devouring before the big race!
Good Luck Joe!
200 5th Ave.
New York, NY 10010
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[Photos: Anne M. Raso]

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