Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Libation Elimination @ The W Hotel [Boston]

“One last call for alcohol…”

Six Bartenders. Six Liquors. Six Cocktails. One Winner. You be the judge. On Monday night, the W Hotel Boston hosted a Libation Elimination party where six of Boston’s top mixologist competed in a Top Chef like competition to see who had the best cocktail. The party guests voted, can you guess who won?

Was it Woodward at the Ames Hotel’s seriously spicy strawberry infused Espolon Tequila cocktail with smoked chipotle chili honey foam?  NOPE!

Was it the W Hotel Lobby’s “snowball” cocktail made from Sistema Solera 23 Rum, red pepper essence, and lemon juice that looked like a smoothie but tasted like fire? NOPE!

Was it the crisp and cool cucumber Ketal One vodka cocktail from Noir at the Charles Hotel? NOPE!

Was it Church’s Beefeater 51 slightly medicinal grapefruit cocktail infused with peppercorn, garnished with a strawberry slice? NOPE!
Was it Aquitaine’s aggressive Wild Turkey whiskey and absinthe drink garnished with a burnt orange peel? NOPE!

THE WINNER WAS (drum roll please)

Stella’s dragonfruit and aloe Skyy Ginger vodka cocktail! Light, subtly sweet, not to mention the prettiest drink overall.

(not only the crowd favorite, but my favorite as well!)


Unknown said...

pretty cocktails!

Anonymous said...

great recap, i was there too but i voted for Aquataine's drink, the fire demo was really cool

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