Monday, April 12, 2010

Cochon 555 [Boston]

By: Finance Foodie

Wow, COCHON 555 Boston, was beyond all expectations! This culinary feast featuring five chefs, five pigs, and five wine makers was a meat lover's paradise.

Check out some pics from the Boston leg, held a few Sunday's back at the oh-so-glam Liberty Hotel!
The hungry event go-ers
"Pigging" out with fellow food blogger Lingbo Li
Fresh Meat!
The Hungry Mother Table - festive! 
Meat Loving Duo - their ties had piggies going into the grinder!
Ribs and pork wraps from Craigie on Main!


Anonymous said...

YUM Piglet

Barnaby Dorfman said...

Nice post! I'm recovering from a bit of a meat hangover from the Seattle Cochon555 last night.

financefoodie1 said... was quite the meat feast!

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