Monday, August 10, 2009

Cake Batter Battle: Cupcake Cagematch New York

By: Grace Yang 

Hey there, Finance Foodie readers! I just finished a REALLY comprehensive cupcake tour and wanted to tell you guys all about it! I held it on August 1st, in my apartment with my brother, David. How do you do a comprehensive cupcake review, do you wonder? Well, you call all of the bakeries in NYC that sell cupcakes (I counted 25), ask them to donate cupcakes, and have your friends pick them up to review them! We had 25 bakeries (out of the 25 bakeries, only 3 didn't donate!) and I also made Sprinkles Cupcakes (the bakery that is only on the west coast at the moment). Each bakery donated a vanilla, chocolate, red velvet, and wildcard cupcake. We did a blind tasting of the cupcakes so the tasting would be fair, and everyone had a really good time figuring out where the best cupcakes in NYC came from. You might be surprised with some of the results!

Here's me and David with some of the cupcakes:
The four teams of judges (to judge vanilla, chocolate, red velvet, and wildcard cupcakes):
Cupcake Competition
As you can see, the wildcard team actually read my invite when I said we should all get in costumes to make the event even MORE FUN!

And here's what we were responsible to judge:
If you want to see the full list of winners from the cupcake cagematch, check out my blog, Gracenotes NYC - I'll be posting about the cagematch all week!

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Lisa said...

yum! I wish I could of attended that party

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