Saturday, May 2, 2009

Culinary Boner at the / Food Network Test Kitchen Party

By: Finance Foodie

So last night was the Launch Party at the Food Network Test Kitchen in NYC. Food2 is a rad new site from the Food Network that aimed at the twenty-something foodie who is hip, trendy, and down with pop culture.

Wait…let’s backtrack…did you say a party in Food Network Test Kitchen? How sweet (and by sweet, I mean awesome and tasty)

Then I looked more closely at the invite: Friday at 7:00pm. Oh shizzle…I knew there was a catch. The party sounded out of this world cool, but there was no way could I leave the job that pays my bills to make it inNYC by 7pm.

Not to fear because’s NY correspondent Fashionable Fang came to the rescue and took on the task of attending the party, sampling the foods, and mingling with the other foodie guests. Such a tough job being Finance Foodie correspondent. Here are some snapshots and her thoughts from the night...

I looove grilled cheese sandwiches. After a hard day at work (or shopping), this is my ultimate comfort food. And brownie points for bite sized portions…cause a girl has got to fit into her jeans.

More sandwiches…here we have mutton burgers. Fun fact: mutton in some Asian countries refers to goat meat. So if you are going to Asia, you better be super specific about your food order (speaking from personal experience…)

Grilled bluefish on rye…A step above the Mickey D’s Fillet O Fish I had for lunch today

Oh look! It’s Spike Mendelsohn from Top Chef mingling with the bloggers. He is hosting a new show on the Food2 site called Kelsey and Spike Cook.

Food Network chefs in action

Thanks to Food2 for inviting me to this awesome event and Fashionable Fang for allowing me to live vicariously through her camera!


Justin said...

hey. thanks for commenting on my post about the party...

so you weren't actually there -- someone else on your behalf?

sm said...

about goat meat and mutton in asia
i agree with you very nice information and good receipes.
like it

Anonymous said...

Looks like a great event! I loved grilled cheese sandwiches too

cisco said...

ccna ccent

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