Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Turn Around for Eight Turn Crepe Soho

By: Finance Foodie

Eight Turn Crepe, a new fast-casual restaurant offering delicious, hand-crafted Japanese-inspired crepes, recently opened its doors to its first-ever U.S. location in SoHo, NYC. This new restaurant serves better-for-you crepes, made fresh-to-order and served in a traditional Japanese cone-style – and they’re delicious! Feeling guilty after a late night of partying, my dining companion and I decided this would be a much better lunch option than the usual hangover fair of greasy burgers and fries. So with our sunglasses on (to hide our bloodshot eyes), we meandered slowly downtown to test these new fanged creations out.

When we got to the shop, we were greeted with realistic plastic versions of their menu items hanging as their window display. With 20 tasty crepes to choose from, made with a  rice flour dough that is naturally gluten-free, we must have spent a good 30 minutes debating what to order before finally settling on the Truffled Egg White Omelette with added Shrimp (egg whites, truffled mushrooms, truffle oil, baby spinach, tofu sauce, cheddar cheese) and the "Double the Eggs, Double the Fun" with added Shrimp (eggs, truffle salt, cheddar cheese, tofu sauce)! Both crepes were super tasty and filling without giving off that cloying feeling of "heaviness". Plus, the crepes come in a cone with a wrapper that you unwrap diagonally as you make your way down - which makes for a clean and easy to eat on the go type of meal.
Bottom line, Eight Turn Crepe is a great place for a light lunch or dinner. And at an affordable $6-9 / crepe, I will for sure be back to eat my way across the menu!

Eight Turn Crepe
55 Spring Street
New York, NY 10012
(212) 334-3408
Cuisine: Fast Food (Japanese)

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