Q: What is Forays of a Finance Foodie? 
A: Our team's journey through all things cool and culinary! Forays of a Finance Foodie is an integrated food and lifestyle site that strives to bring you an insider's look into the hottest events, newest products, most exotic travel destinations, sweetest restaurant openings and coolest celebrity interviews - all locally sourced by journalists who live in the NYC area and beyond!


"Finance Foodie"
Editor in Chief 
Born and bred in Texas, Finance Foodie is an ex-Wall Street banker with a long time passion for good food. Ms. Foodie has traveled the world cultivating her palate while promoting the importance of community involvement and the support of local business. You can drop her a line at admin@financefoodie.com!

New York City Staff

Simone Press
Simone became one Finance Foodie's best buds after being seated next to each other at the Jennifer Hudson dinner, where they bonded over a share finance job experience. Simone left finance behind and  is currently employed at one of the top media companies in NYC.

Eleonora Herdean
Eleonora left her small Midwestern town to pursue her dreams of singing on Broadway. When she is not on casting calls, she enjoys exploring the NYC food and dining scene.

Ethan Shen
Ethan believes that food is all about how it makes you feel; the anticipation, the indulgence, and the afterglow. Besides food, Ethan enjoys skydiving and living life to the fullest.

Wela Quan
Wela is determined to show the world that Canada isn't a cold barren wasteland but a land of plenty, especially when it comes to gastronomic delights. She also wants to thank her better half Ethan for inspiring her to write.

Special Correspondants

Anne Raso, Jessica Cickay, Mari Corbin, Erin Douglas, Carin Huang, Jen Q. Chen, Katherine Brooks, Ken Wong, Alex Loanzon, Irene Yang
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