Monday, March 30, 2009

Cooking with ICY

"Up in here, it's burning hot, we on fire"

I would like to introduce guest blogger "ICY", my sister, who is everything the Finance Foodie is not - aspiring engineer, anime fanatic, and ambitious chef. She presents a few of her culinary experiments in our new series "Cooking with ICY":

Honey Oatmeal Bread
Time to Make: 6 HOURS
Taste: ....Not worth 6 hours.

I kneaded it by hand...!! All my blood sweat and tears went into making this bread!! Actually a lot of sweat probably did get into it... [Ed Note: Gross!] It was quite chewy.

Peanut Butter Cookies

Recipe: Leftover ingredients thrown together and baked in a toaster oven
Time to make: 1 hour
Taste: Passable

I should have used a recipe. The first batch came out as small little rounds of bread D: That's not excrement on the top! It's a walnut!! ...They tasted quite bad. The second batch came out more... cookie-like in appearance. They tasted okay!!!

ICY will be sharing more of her cooking creations along with her brief and blunt commentary, so stay tuned!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Let it Flow: Tour de Champagne Boston

By: Finance Foodie

This past Saturday, I attended the Tour de Champagne at the Charles Hotel in Cambridge. This multi city tour gives guests an opportunity to experience various labels of champagne paired with cuisine from local renowned chefs. Below is a play by play of my evening:

Finally arrived on site, 1.5 hours late – cabbie took me to 1 Bennett St in BOSTON, not CAMBRIDGE. Check in and am definitely ready for a drink after a rough start to the night.

Decided to hit the food booths first, as drinking on an empty stomach can lead to dangerous and embarrassing behavior.

First stop: Todd English’s Bonfire. No Todd English (does he even cook anymore?) but plenty of roast beef sandwich bites served with a horseradish consummate pipette. The roast beef sandwich was skewered on the horseradish filled pipette. To consume, you had to stick the pipette into your mouth and squeeze. An interesting play on a roast beef sandwich, and the combination was surprisingly tasty

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Foodie Fun at the Taste of the South End Boston

By: Finance Foodie 

This evening, I attended the Taste of the South End at the Boston Center for the Arts. The Taste of the South End is an annual event that brings together a few dozen of the hottest restaurants and chefs in the Boston dining scene for a night of bite-sized menu samplings that is akin to culinary heaven. All the proceeds from ticket sales and the silent auction benefit the AIDS Action Committee, New England's oldest and largest AIDS service organization. With a combination of two of my life’s passions, food and charity (finance being the third), there was no way I could say no to attending the event. Here were some of the highlights of the night:

Biggest, Boldest, and Brightest
Party Favor’s rum cupcakes tower: This colorful display was the first thing that caught my attention in the VIP section. I later found out the vanilla and chocolate cupcakes were laced with Tommy Bahama rum, which was probably why everyone looked extra happy eating these cupcakes.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Bottle Rocket at the New York Wine Expo 2009

By: Finance Foodie 

I attended the New York Wine Expo a few weeks ago as part of my NYC Foodie Weekend. At this expo, over 300 wine distributors from all over the world gathered in one building to showcase their wines - a paradise for the wine enthusiast, but terribly intimidating for a wine dunce like myself. As I furiously tried to cram as much information I could from “Wine for Dummies” a few hours prior to the show, I realized it was a lost cause. No way was I going to remember which wine was named for a what grape variety from which region. Therefore, I decided to highlight the wines at the show with the best bottle / label design. Not the most scientific method (winos can stop reading this post right now), but a good bottle design can go a long way, especially for a novice like myself.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wannabe Rock Stars at The Waverly Inn New York

By: Finance Foodie

The second chapter in my NYC Foodie Weekend takes place at the Waverly Inn. This West Village restaurant, owned by Vanity Fair magazine's EIC Graydon Carter, has been touted as a secretive clubhouse for celebs and media movers and shakers. Although I am wary of such places - as an abundance of hype does not directly correlate with an abundance of good food - I decided to have dinner here on Saturday night. We arrived to a packed house - obviously the economic crisis has not affected the patrons of the Waverly Inn. My thoughts on the night as followed....

Sunday, March 1, 2009

International Restaurant and Foodservice Show

By: Finance Foodie
This afternoon, I attended the International Restaurant and Foodservice Show in New York City. At this event, over 600 exhibitors showcased their exotic foods, gadgets, and chef-y type tools used in restaurants and foodservice businesses. Translation: a Food Sample Paradise that surely beats Sam's Club on a Saturday afternoon. Below were some of the highlights that I found interesting and /or delicious:

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