Thursday, August 22, 2013

Buns Out: Time Out New York x Amstel Light's Battle of the Burger NYC

By: Finance Foodie

Everyone’s always looking for the best burger in the Big Apple, so Amstel Light and Time Out New York set out on a quest to find and crown that restaurant. Last night, hundreds of burger loving New Yorker's (including yours truly) came out to the Hudson Hotel and tasted 15 of Gotham’s standout burgers, voted for the night’s top-patty and, of course, had some Amstel Light to wash all that meaty goodness down.
So who were the winners? Read on my friends....

Overall Winner
Maialino's Late Night Burger (Pat Lafrieda Beef with House Made Pancetta, Gorgonzola, Rosemary Brioche Bun)
Time Out New York's Battle Of The Burger Presented By Amstel Light
Because I got to the event disastrously late, this burger was DUNZO! Given my luck, of course the winning burger would be gone before I could have a taste! Seeing how Maialino was the first table to be out of burgers, I had a feeling this would be the tops for the night. But on the bright side, guess this means a trip to the actual restaurant is in store!

Runner ups (in order): 
Jeepney's Chori Burger (Angus Beef and Sweet Cured Pork Longanisa With Banana Ketchup, Pickled Carrots, Cucumber, and Jicama)
Time Out New York's Battle Of The Burger Presented By Amstel Light
Wow, I'm two for two because although I saw this burger being served, I was deterred by the long lines and the slightly creamy / unidentifiable mayonnaise-like sauce on the burger. I said I'd try it if I had stomach capacity after I finished my rounds, but when I finally made my way back, this burger was DUNZO as well...

Hudson Common's Common Burger (Brioche Bun, Custom Ground Beef Blend, Common Sauce, Velveeta Cheese, Pickles)
Finally! A placing burger I actually tasted! I had an inkling this burger would be in the top three as it was the perfect common burger for the common (wo)man - I mean really, who can say no to Velveeta cheese? The extra large brioche bun was uber fluffy and also made this burger look massive and stately compared to some of the other offerings that night. Also, I'm sure that the extra large elevated serving space, prime location and the fact that this event was held at the Hudson had nothing to do with this burger placing.....

Finance Foodie's Vote
Minetta Tavern's Black Label Burger (Seeded Brioche Bun, Custom Ground Beef Blend of Brisket, Chuck and Dry Aged Sirloin, Caramelized Onion, Pickle)
When the guests checked in, everyone was given a token to "cast their vote" for their favorite burger. I probably shouldn't play favorites so publicly (especially since the burger I vote for didn't even make top three), but my favorite by far was the Black Label Burger from Minetta Tavern. The burger was perfectly bite sized and the caramelized onions and pickle gave the burger a nice sweetness to an otherwise savory sandwich. The burger itself was juicy and I really liked the taste of the smokey aged sirloin embedded in the patty.

Photos: Finance Foodie and Edelman

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