Tuesday, August 20, 2013

We on a Boat: Sunset Sailing on the Bateaux New York Dinner Cruise

By: Finance Foodie

As the end of summer nears, I've been trying to maximize all my weekends to the fullest (now that I'm no longer in grad school, unlimited free days are a thing of the past). This week's adventure had me on a boat. A mighty big boat in fact...
The Bateaux: Photo Courtesy Entertainment Cruises Co.

The Bateaux New York, operated by the Entertainment Cruises Company,  is an all-glass European-style vessel that sails from Chelsea Piers across the Hudson and East rivers with amazing views of famous NY landmarks including the Empire State Building, Battery Park, the Brooklyn bridge, and of course, our Lady Liberty. On board, guest experience a 3 course dinner, a fully stocked bar, and dancing to live music during the 3 hour evening sail. Team FF's Anne Raso raved about her experience on a similar boat, so I had to book myself a sunset sail this past Saturday.
From our table
When we boarded the ship, my date and I were promptly escorted to our table, which I noticed had a magnificent view. After a champagne toast, the Bateaux revved up its engines and set off into the deep blue yonder.
Lobster Risotto 
Not long after we were on the water, our first course - a deconstructed lobster risotto - was served.  The generously large lobster tail tasted like it had just been plucked out of the water that morning and risotto was creamy and smooth. A delicious dish to start the evening on a divine note.
View from the boat
We had a nice little break before our entrees came out, so we took this opportunity to take some photos outside on the deck. What a breathtaking view made even more perfect by the balmy summer eve! No wonder so many wedding proposals occur on the ship (in fact, there was one that evening later on during the night).
Dinner is served!
We headed back in to enjoy our main course, a simple but refreshing Bouillabaisse filled with tender Sole, Clams, Shrimp and Prince Edward Island Mussels in a rich and flavorful broth (guest can choose from a variety of options from the vessel's dinner menu - there's something for every palate!). By the time we finished our dinner entrees, the sun had set and the bright lights of the Big City had come alive. Of course you know what this means - more picture time!
Live music on board
When our desserts finally rolled out, we were already 3-4 cocktails deep. If the views weren't intoxicating enough, the Malibu rum-infused Love Potion #9 will surely get you there. Therefore, I forgot to snap photos of my sweet berry gallete and to be honest, I can't really remember how it tasted (like Jamie Foxx, I'm going to blame it on the alcohol). However, looking around the room filled with empty wine bottles and cocktail glasses, it's pretty safe to assume the other patrons probably couldn't recall either...
Sun down, lights out
And with one last twirl on the dance floor, the Bateaux returned to its dock after a beautiful night out. Fresh baked chocolate chip cookies greeted the patrons as they stumbled...errr I mean walked back to land - a sweet finale to a savory Saturday evening!

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