Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Dining Around the River at SHARE's A Second Helping of Life 2019 Tasting Event

By: Finance Foodie

SHARE, the New York City-based national nonprofit that supports the community of women affected by ovarian and breast cancer and their loved ones, celebrated its 16th Anniversary of A Second Helping of Life this past Monday evening at the gorgeous Chelsea Piers' Pier 60 event space.

Mushroom Chorizo dish from La Palapa Cocina Mexicana 
This year's tasting benefit, hosted by 20/20's Amy Robach, featured 27 of New York City’s women chefs paired with celebrity women sous chefs. The event also honored Sandra Lee, television chef and star of 2018 documentary Rx: Early Detection, A Cancer Journey with Sandra Lee, for her work in the national expansion of access to affordable breast screenings, and Andrea Jung, President and CEO Grameen America, for her work in the cancer community.

The team at Finance Foodie was on site to cover this event and we had a great time dining on some delicious delicacies from local restaurants while supporting a great cause. Here were some of the highlights of the night.


By far, the favorite of the night was the Toasted Almond Mousse cake from L'Artusi's chef Jessica Craig. The almond cake was moist and rich with a slight hint of almond flavor that wasn't overpowering. I also loved the caramelized apple crisp topping which gave the cake some crunch.

Almond Cake
Coming in strong as well was AK Catering's S'Mores Short Rib in a Jar.  Abigail Kirsch's catering company offered a nice juxtaposition of sweet and savory in one cup - sweet potato mash and toasted marshmallow on top and a hearty warm short rib on the bottom.

S'Mores in a Jar
Another sweet treat came from William Greenberg Desserts. Pastry Chef Carol Becker's simple and effective black and white (along with the on-theme pink and white) cookies were a hit. Basic and reliable - nothing wrong with that!

Black and Whites
Little Tong's Otoro Crisp was a real treat from the sea. Who knew an eclectic combination of fatty tuna, onion crisps and seaweed mayo on a shrimp cracker would be so delightful?

Tuna Cracker
Speaking of seafood, Sen Sakana's offering was winner not only for its taste profile, but for its excellent presentation (for sure the most "complete" plate of the night). Mina Newman's torched salmon ceviche with shisho leaf, aji limo chili and yuzu marinade had a lovely citrus undertone and was almost too beautiful to eat - but of course I did and it was darn good too!

Salmon Ceviche
I've never met a guacamole + chips I didn't like and El Toro Blanco's offering did not disappoint. Chef Ivy Stark's concoction of avocado topped with pomegranate and sunflower seeds, served with slightly salted crisp tortilla chips, was another basic and solid offering that left me satiated during the night.

SHARE is a national nonprofit that supports, educates, and empowers women affected by breast, ovarian, or metastatic breast cancer, with a special focus on medically underserved communities. Their mission is to connect these women with the unique support of survivors and peers, creating a community where no one has to face breast or ovarian cancer alone. To learn more about this organization, please visit

Friday, July 19, 2019

2019 Summer Fancy Food Show in New York City Roundup

By: Finance Foodie

It's that time of the year again - a gathering of fine food purveyors from all over the world descending on the Jacob Javits Center in Manhattan for the 2019 Specialty Food Association's Summer Fancy Food Show!
During this three day event, we saw (and obviously tasted) thousands of food items - here are some of the highlights - from sweet to savory!

Monday, March 18, 2019

It's a Meat Feast: Boston Market's New Rotisserie Brisket and Prime Rib

By: Finance Foodie

Growing up, Boston Market was known as my spot for some juicy and tender rotisserie chicken (plus all the fabulous fixings on the side, especially that to-die-for cornbread). But now I hear they have expanded their offerings to the other white meat - beef!

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Best Non-ChexSystems Bank Accounts 2019

By: Finance Foodie, in Partnership with ChexSystems

There are banks who do not allow customers that have been banned from other financial institutions to deposit or make savings with them. You may wonder how they get to detect such people. Banks make use of chexsystem to track the checking history of account applicants. Most records stay very long on the ChexSystem and it is quite impossible to go without a savings or a checking account for a very long period of time.
But there are still reputable banks that do not use ChexSystems to qualify their customers. There are some that will still run the records but offer you second chance banking.
There are several options available for you to choose from and they all have their different perks. The following are some of the best kind of accounts operated by these banks.

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