Monday, August 9, 2010

BlogHer 2010: Bumble Bee Foods VIP Party, featuring Hell's Kitchen Chef Scott Leibfried [New York]

by: Nancy Gong

The most amazing thing about Bumble Bee Foods is the wide variety of healthy and simple meals, snacks, and fun treats you can make with their products. Last Thursday, the company's VIP tasting party for all the BlogHer conference attendees was the perfect blend of educational – from the nutritional perspective - as well as a tasty!

Held at the Viking Demo Kitchens, the event was hosted by Hell's Kitchen regular and Food Network star Chef Scott Leibfried. The first appetizer chef Scott prepared was albacore tuna on a baguette, garnished with tomato and basil, with a hint of pesto and saffron. Of course, there are many variations of this appetizer that you can make – perhaps using different garnishes or sauces – but Scott’s combination tasted amazing.

The second treat we enjoyed was an Asian spring roll stuffed with fresh raw vegetables and tuna. Many of the mom bloggers in the crowd agreed that this was a delicious way to sneak more vegetables into their children’s meals.

The last appetizer was salmon and cream cheese stuffed wontons. This would make the perfect party appetizer – both easy to make, serve, and delicious!

In all, the tasting event showed how easy it was to create nutritious meals in a short period of time. Chef Scott used simple, basic ingredients that most of us would be able to find at the local grocery store at reasonable prices. Then when he combined with the wide variety of protein and calcium-rich Bumble Bee products, he created mini masterpieces.

[Photos: Carin Huang/Finance Foodie]


Finance Foodie said...

Thanks to FF's special correspondent Nancy G / Carin H for this piece

Rachel said...

How fun!

ABostonFan said...

I knew that guy looked familiar!

Unknown said...

I dont really like tuna fish, but that close up shot of the dish was made the dish look really good!

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