Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Fancy Food Show 2010 [New York]

“So hot we'll melt your popsicle…”

I look forward to the Fancy Food Show every year – cause it's basically my excuse for three days of pure gluttony in the name of ermm….food research! Held at the Javitis Center, the event showcases 180,000 gourmet products including confections, chocolates, cheeses, cookies, teas, spices, ice cream – you name it and it’s probably there.

With NY-based Finance Foodie correspondent Coco in tow, I set out for a wonderful journey down aisle after aisle of foodie paradise. Here are a few cool and yummy items from our foray:

If you haven’t tried a Haribo gummy, then you haven’t lived. They are SERIOUSLY the best gummies in the universe (my personal favorite is the red and blackberry gummies). The flower shaped gummy pictured below is their newest product that will be hitting shelves soon.

Pretty cocktail mixers with corresponding flavored sugar and salts for glass rims – matchy matchy!

Coco posing with the D'Artagnan Meat “warriors”. Fun fact: The D'Artagnan company was named after the protagonist of Alexandre Dumas’ The Three Musketeers novel (hence the medieval theme at the show). Cheesy it was, but their Serrano ham was no joke – I thought it was the best in show.

 Flavored brie cheeses (I didn’t try them since I’m not a fan of brie but it was a cool idea)

Looks like someone is trying to make a quick buck off the Iron Chef franchise…

Byrd Cookie Company’s bite sized coffee cookies. I thought the packaging (a reusable mug) was super fun.

Fundelina’s hybrid Nutella. Basically it was Nutella mixed with vanilla or strawberry crème. They didn’t give out samples, which was odd, but I thought this concept was uber interesting. The product wont hit shelves until later this fall though so be on the lookout at your local Whole Foods.

Us So Stuffed! (By the way, that is indeed a Twitter bird on my shirt, in case you were wondering ;)

The End. See you next year! 


KM said...

Wish I could of attended the show, it looks like so much yumminess!

JustLearningStuff said...

Haribo is the best looks like a great show - is it open to the public?

Rachel said...

Fundelina looks like a Nutella ripoff!@

Finance Foodie said...

@JustLearningStuff The show is targeted for buyers in foodservice and media, but I think anyone can attend as long as you register and pay a fee

Anonymous said...

Iron Chef also has wines http://ironchefwines.com

Finance Foodie said...

@anon yup - we saw them at the NY Wine Expo last year -saaavy marketing w that franchise!

Kirstin Elaine Myers said...

I had so much fun at this show! Was my first year but definitely not my last! Kirstin Elaine Myers

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