Monday, August 29, 2011

Cheese Please at Cheeseboy

"Island in the sun..."

If you are a long time read of this blog, you know that I love all things cheeeeeesee (cheesy jokes included!). Therefore, on my trip back to Boston last weekend, I knew I had to stop by Cheeseboy, America's first quick service restaurant dedicated to serving gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches and accompanying soups, that just opened up in the Prudential Center (which also conveniently is just a hop and skip away from my apartment) .

Braving the wrath of Hurricane Irene, I sauntered over in hope of indulging myself with the cheesy goodness that awaited under Cheeseboy's neon lighted sign. Faced with so many cheesy options, I had trouble deciding what to order. After much pondering and game theorizing (the economics class I took finally showing some real life applicability), I decided on the mac and cheese as an appetizer and the make-your-own grilled cheese sandwich as a main course.
YUM YUM! The mac and cheese was super rich and well....cheesy! Especially exciting to me was the top layer of melted swiss cheese that added an extra bit of cheesy "oomph" to the dish. The provolone cheese, spinach and bacon on multigrain bread grilled cheese sandwich was soooo delicious and satisfying as well - not to mention it was also under $5!  (BTW, my real camera is in the shop, so pardon the camera phone pics -- they really don't do these items the justice they deserve)!
Obviously this was a very diet unfriendly and dairy heavy meal (lactose intolerant folks beware), but the splurge was worth it! I cannot wait for my next trip to Beantown -- but until then, this blog post will serve as a reminder of the cheesy goodness that lies ahead.

Prudential Center
800 Boylston Street
Boston, MA, 02199
(617) 266-7474
Cheeseboy on Urbanspoon

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