Monday, June 27, 2011

A Review Of Verizon's HTC Droid Incredible 2: Yes, It’s Incredible!

By: Anne M. Raso

It's embarrassing to admit that in this time of hand-held devices that do everything but blow dry your hair and walk your dog, I am lucky that I can even figure out how to use the exclamation point key on the keypad or even enter a new contact! The new HTC Droid Incredible 2 makes all the basics (as well as the harder stuff like uploading multiple photos of your trip to Rock And Roll Fantasy Camp) easy for the tech-challenged user such as myself!
What do I love so much about the Droid Incredible 2? I’ve got a laundry list, but for starters, the sleek black look is really “urban chic” and it's significantly thinner than my last smartphone device, the Blackberry Bold. Furthermore, the time is so large on the screen that you probably see it from five New York City blocks away -- super helpful considering I am 50 and can no longer see anything within three feet without reading glasses. There is also a virtual keyboard that pops up much like an iPhone and it's great at “guessing” what word you are about to type. It gives you several choices that you can just click on and then, voila! -- there's the whole word on your email.  In addition, I noticed that my Facebook photos look even crisper on the Droid than on my 20” iMac -- plus, the device automatically comes with a feature known as Friendstream which ties updates by all your friends from Twitter, Facebook and Flickr together into one stream. The final feature I would like to point out is that the charge is uber strong. I personally found that if you plug the Incredible 2 in for a couple of hours, the charge lasts for about two days.
So in summary, yes, I found the Incredible 2 pretty.....incredible (for lack of a better word!) and am now weaning myself off my Blackberry Bold and moving on to this device — which I find much faster in general and a much better experience for social networking!

[Full disclosure: I was given a loaner Droid to test for two weeks. All opinions are my own. Photos Courtesy: HTC] 

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