Friday, June 10, 2011

Brunching in Style at the Four Seasons Boston’s Bristol Lounge

By: Finance Foodie

I distinctly remember the first time I became acquainted with the Four Seasons Boston — the Tour de Champagne. I was just starting out as a food blogger then, but the dish that the Four Seasons prepared (a wonton hiramasa yuzo with cucumber and orange beurre blanc) at the tasting knocked my socks off! Perhaps it was all the champagne flowing in my blood vessels, but I boldly asked the chef de cuisine (Will Kovel of the late Aujourd’hui) if he would be interested in doing an interview for my site since I was so impressed by his dish. And surprisingly, he said yes! I was struck by how nice he was — here was an accomplished chef for a well-established restaurant agreeing to sit down with an unknown newbie food blogger for a meal and conversation. This experience itself forever left a positive impress of the Four Season Boston in my mind.
RIP Aujourd'hui!
So long story short, I was super impressed by not only the food at the Four Seasons, but also how friendly and personable the staff was. Over my years in Boston, I’ve dined at the Four Seasons for many a business meeting, but somehow have not yet experienced brunch at the Bristol Lounge. Until last Sunday, that is. As one of lucky Boston Brunchers who was picked to dine at the Bristol Lounge, I went in expecting a fantastic brunch. But when I arrived, I led not to the BL dining room, but to the kitchens in the back! Darn….if I’d known we’d be getting messy, I wouldn’t have worn my new gold shoes.
Where the magic happens!
Haha – JK! Obviously no food prep was required (probably to the relief of the other diners). No, Kristan, FSBoston’s Director of PR, just wanted all the bloggers to meet pastry Chef Ashley and see first hand how the desserts are made. It was super fun – not only was Chef Ashley super nice, we also got to pipe a “special message on a plate”!
So true!
With our stomachs revved up from the delicious smell of fresh baked scones, our group was ready to get our grub on. And grub we did!

Check out my first plate:
My favorite item in this round? Totally the mini huevos ranchero skillet – not only was it uber cute, the sunny side up egg paired with the guac was a total tastebud homerun!

Second plate up:
My favorite item in this round? The French Toast (which was actually my favorite item in the brunch)! This FT was extra special because it was made not out of the standard Texas toast, but out of croissants! Buttery flakey goodness all around and a total hit out of the ballpark!

Sadly there was no third plate (I got really full!) but look at this Lobster Bloody Mary. To be honest, I’m not really a BM fan but I did love Mr. (Ginormous) Lobster Claw!
Oh, and I almost forgot the icing on the cake! FS Boston was also having a twitter contest with trivia questions about the property and its chefs during the brunch (typing and eating -- talk about multi-tasking!). And guess what?! – I won the grand prize -- an overnight stay at the hotel! Whoo hoo! Thanks again Four Seasons Boston for an amazing day (and very soon, an upcoming night!)

The Bristol Lounge
Four Seasons Boston
200 Boylston Street
Boston, MA 02116
(617) 338-4400 ‎
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