Monday, June 13, 2011

Ignite the Night with P.F. Chang’s Frozen Meals!

“Hotter than the A list…”

A few weeks back, I was contacted by the makers of P.F. Chang’s Home Menu Meals to see if I wanted to “ignite my night” with their new meals for two. I must admit I was skeptical at first – the adult movie sounding tag line wasn’t really convincing me to switch out my usual dinners from the Whole Foods salad bar – but then I thought, “Why not? It’s time to mix it up a bit (and maybe, as PF Chang would say, ignite the night ;)!”

And what did I think? Surprisingly tasty! Let’s be real here – at $9 a bag, this ain’t no Ad Hoc at Home, but this was definitely much better than the standard cardboard-y frozen meal (remember Kid Cuisine? – yeah I try to forget too). Out of the eight flavors, I recommend the Orange Chicken – the chicken pieces were nice and tender and I liked the addition of the crispy water chestnuts and edamame. But the best part? The meals are super easy to prepare – just throw in a non-stick pan, sauté for 10 minutes and volia! – dinner is served!
As someone who grew up with my mom’s authentic and homemade Chinese cooking, I usually don’t eat a ton of Americanized Chinese food. But I’ll be the first to admit that I do have cravings for this “Chinglish” cuisine once in a while – and I’ll know just where to turn when the next craving strikes!


Congrats - KPort207, Misty, LuckyTJG!

P.F. Chang’s Home Menu is all about igniting the nights for hard working bees like us by providing a meal that can add some spark to the routine weekday dinner. Therefore, P.F. Chang’s wants my readers to share their exciting dinner night idea complete with mood amplifying tricks (i.e. special music playlist, beverage pairings, spicy dinner conversation) and enhanced place settings (i.e. candles, décor, special napkins).

As an extra incentive for entering, the THREE lucky readers who have the best “Ignite the Night” idea will receive a two month supply of P.F. Chang’s Home Menu meals (each winner will receive seven (7) free product coupons. ARV: $65).

There is only ONE way to enter:
1. REQUIRED: In my comments section, please tell me your exciting night-in dinner idea inspired by the exotic mix of flavors found in the PF Chang’s Home Menu products. Remember, the three most unique and electrifying the responses (as judged by the team over at P.F. Chang’s Home Meals) will win the prize above!

Contest ends Friday June 17 at 5pm EST. Winners will judged based on the creativity and uniqueness of their answer and will be announced on the site shortly afterwards that night!

[Full disclosure: giveaway provided by P.F. Chang’s Home Meals]


mar said...

Candlelight with classical music playing in the background. And of course, the meal would be served on the coffee table while one sits on floor cushions.


well I am in n way creative but a house full of kids make the dinner have to be close to home- if its cooler by the fireplace on a blanket- - diet coke to drink, athe shrimp lo mein looks yummy- would have mandarin orange cheesecake for desert- I know but not really that wild in food- would do the chopsticks and share a platter- and have fortune cookies from the local bakery and have them put in something special- if its warm- set out the blanket and have the outdoor fireplace going for romance and light and eat a picnic like on te blanket watching the stars. Just the romance of being together- even if we sit and end up blowing bubbles and crawl into the tent in the backyard for a little us time. I am not big on going places and there is not much to do so home is where my heart is...even if its dorky- it works- full belly and lots of cuddles mrs.mommyyatgmail

BethElderton said...

Deck out the back yard with party lights and set the patio table with the good dishes. Hire a local musician to play acoustic guitar for ambiance. Hire two local teenagers to act as waiters/kitchen staff. Put on your best clothes and jewelry. Enjoy!
bethelderton59 at gmail dot com

Amber said...

I would dress up in a Chi-Pao to surprise my husband, and eschew electric light for Chinese lanterns on the balcony. I would play Chinese harp music as we dined with chopsticks and sipped non-alcoholic dragonfruit and passionfruit mocktails!
Thank you for the giveaway :)

sweetstaker said...

I would set the table, on the deck, with red linens, a glass lantern and tea candles on the railings and the corners of the deck. I would serve potstickers and a P.J. Chang entree. We would, of course , use chopcticks. We would finish the evening inside watching "The Last Emperor" while sipping wine.

lkvoyer said...

I think having some romantic time around the fire pit in the back yard would ignite the night. You can get creative and cook all types of food over the fire, such as shrimp kabobs and serve with a dipping sauce. (A fire pit is not just for s'mores, but that's a great way to end the meal!). LKVOYER at aol dot com

clc408 said...

General Chang's Chicken served outdoors at the firepit with sparklers on the lawn and lanterns in the trees.

Anonymous said...

Having a full-out Chinese themed dinner, complete with rickshaws and dragons.

Unknown said...

I think I would plan to have the dinner outdoors on the patio as the sun was setting. Then go inside, cuddle up on the couch and rewatch the first movie we ever saw together (for us that's grease, I know, showing my age,lol)

Anonymous said... would decorate the room with paper lanterns. For the coffee table... Black square plates and silk hand fans placed on the top, chopsticks and chocolate dipped fortune cookies and as a bonus: Chinese takeout box candle holders (had this a couple of months ago) All while sitting on comfy cushions, all that I would nees is "P.F. Chang's Home Menu Meals"

JBaetke said...

Inspired by the orange chicken, it would be a night to have my little brothers over, who aren't really that little anymore, and have a bros night in. P.F. Chang's frozen meal + Karate Kid= Chill.

Sarah S. said...

My family loves "Chinglish" food. Game night with my family would be an amazing bonding experience. We'd play Taboo, Monopoly, Charades and bond over food. :)

mogrill said...

Ok so my plan would be to hire a local masseuse to come to our home and give us massages. I would also get a couple great movies that fit the theme. Memoirs of a Geisha and Crouching tiger Hidden Dragon. We would wear Asian robes (We already have) and I would get chopsticks to eat with. We would light candles and just relax and enjoy the food and atmosphere. And of course - fortune cookies and almond cookies for dessert.

Unknown said...

I would blindfold my husband and feed him different courses, the main course of course being PF Chang's at home.

Anonymous said...

I know these are designed for two people, but I'd love to cook up a whole bunch, and have a tasting party complete with different wines to pair with the different entrees. I think this would make such a fun dinner party with 8-10 people!

urchiken at gmail dot com

Debbie C said...

Have a Panda Party for kids and introduce them to several different varieties of P.F. Chang's Frozen Meals.

Use miniature stuffed panda bears to hold placecards. Have a Panda Prize package with a larger stuffed panda and other goodies like a box of funny fortune cookies.

Put the various entrees in warming dishes set up buffet style. Be sure to have cards with the names of the P.F. Chang entrees on each dish so kids can practice saying the Chinese names. Have both chopsticks for the kids to have fun with for a few minutes but also forks to finish their meals.

Play movies for the kids like Kung Fu Panda I and II.

Have fun!

Melodic Mom said...

I would first plan on eating a late lunch that day, because dinner would be postponed until AFTER the kids are in bed (a 2-yr old and a 4-month old). At 8:00pm I'd dim the lights and light my Mandarin Lime candle to get in the mood for a spicy "orange" night. My husband would then further the ambiance by getting out his acoustic guitar and serenading me with the song "Orange Crush" by REM. Then we would sip on some Orange Sunshine Wine at the formal dining table before slowly eating our delicious P.F. Chang's Orange Chicken. Afterwards, we would go outside and light up the Chiminea and cuddle up on the outdoor recliner, while eating some Chinese Coconut Milk ice cream (have to cleanse the palate from TOO much orange flavor throughout the night).

mail (at) melodicmom (dot) com

Anonymous said...

My "Ignite the Night" would surprize my husband with candles in the middle of a red tablecloth.
The meal would be served by me in my apron and favorite red silk blouse. On each plate would be our future menu with each P.F. Chang dinner we choose with our coupons won. We enjoy our great P.F. Chang meal and read our fortune cookie to end a great meal.


debbie said...

I would get out my red embossed china, have some nice lillies, and light candles. I would invite a couple of friends over. I would get some tsingstao beer to serve with the meal. For dessert I would serve moon cakes and lychee wine. I would do something with the Chinese zodiac, like find out what each of my friends were, and have their sign done.
After dinner, we would watch one of my favorite movies, Raise the Red Latern.
I think it would be a very enjoyable evening- great food, excellent company and a great movie. What more could you ask for?

kolpin said...

I'd take the sweet & sour chicken outdoors on the patio, light up some tiki torches, put on some island music with steel drums, and throw some birds of paradise in a vase for a tropically romantic night

kolpin4680 at gmail dot com

P-Style said...

I would cook 3 different meals, the Shanghai style beef, the shrimp in a garlic sauce, and general changs chicken, (we have 5 in our family) and box them up chinese style. You can get those boxes from the local department stores, the best thing is that they have nice designs on them. I would buy some white jasmine rice, fortune cookies, egg rolls and cook them to go with it. I would then pack it all into our large picnic basket and we would all go to the beach. We live in Florida so this is our favorite past-time. Get a huge blanket, watch the waves, enjoy the skyline lined with sailboats, feel the cool breeze,and listen to the seagulls. Afterwards the children could build sand castles and mom and dad could enjoy some rest while they play at our feet. We would splash in the waves in the evening. Then that is usually when the children say we are hungry again, so they would get to eat the leftovers of the chinese food. Afterwards we would reuse our take out boxes and use them to find shells, shark teeth, and starfish on the beach. By then it would probably be very close to dusk and we would pack up. We would be glad that we got to enjoy some quality family time and make lasting memories at our favorite place of all time. And Pf changs would help give us a reason to do that.

h. mcnaron said...

Since 2011 is the year of the rabbit in Chinese culture, we would have a rabbit-themed Chinese dinner. I have some silly leftover rabbit items from Easter and I would repurpose them to reflect the asian theme of the dinner. We would serve PF Chang entrees and invite our friends to come over and sample the different kinds of foods. Finally we would all write homemade fortune cookies, put them all in a bowl, and draw cookies from the messages we wrote to one another. I think it would be a fun and yummy time for everyone!

hmcnaron at gmail dotcom

ky2here said...

We're all about the flavor profiles. It's summer and we have a great outside patio. We'd eat after dark under the trumpet vine arbor. The garden fountain would add some background noise and the rose garden would enhance the ambiance. It's all about the flavor and the atmosphere around here.

ky2here at msn dot com

Anonymous said...

We would like to take this to my Dad at his care facility. He is excellent at using chopsticks ( has not done so in a while ) and we would have a theme night, complete with fortune cookies for the staff there.

Unknown said...

Turn some soft music on...cook dinner the meal together with only candle light for lighting..then cuddle on the couch with a movie and some nice wine.

kport207 at gmail dot com

Erin E said...

I'm a major PF Chang's orange chicken junkie...and their lettuce wraps are awesome. My idea is to have hubby and I dress up in our old matching panda bear halloween costumes (I'll make us some updated PF Changs logo T's to wear over them) and rock out to some tunes until we're tired and hungry. Then we will enjoy our PF Chang's, have home made fortune cookies for dessert, and THEN run around the backyard still in costume to see if any neighbors notice. If they do notice then they will get their own PF Chang's meal on us. Thank you for the lovely giveaway.
sewmuchstuff at ymail dot com

Juleemm said...

So, my boyfriend and I would "sit right back" with the Ginger Chicken & Broccoli to watch a little Gilligan's Island (you know with Ginger). Maybe a little ginger ale to drink. Gingerbread for dessert.

I do like my ginger.

juleemm2003 at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

Cook it up, put it on the table, eat and enjoy. Nothing out of the ordinary except to savor the flavor.

zameta 3 at gmail dot com

dandmrobbins said...

I would actually take them to my special ed. classroom and do a unit on China. We work on daily living skills too, so this would be fun and practical learning - and tasty!

Misty said...

I would decorate the backyard with bamboo plants, illuminate with candles and fire pits, and hang colorful paper lanterns above the table. Display dragon and phoenix symbols to give the backyard a festive Chinese celebration feeling. The floral centerpiece would be orchids. I would use either silk or bamboo placemats. Instead of silverware, I recommend everyone to try chopsticks first. Along with P.F. Chang’s Frozen Meals, I would serve plum wine for adults, chilled green tea for kids.

Unknown said...

Thanks a lot!

Unknown said...

I would serve dinner outside on my patio with an Asian music tape playing. I would put an irovy tablecloth on my table and two tall purple candles-I would bring out my orchids and place them near and on the table. I would hang soft white christmas lights....get rid of the kids for the night.
Diane Baum

susansmoaks said...

I am inspired by the Shanghai Styled Beef to dress up in a nice Asian looking floral dress for our dinner. I will prepare the table with some pretty flowers and chop sticks to eat with. We will have dinner in the living room on the floor with pillows to sit on and the coffee table as our dinner table. I will serve my husband as he sits at the table. I will serve my husband's favorite beer with dinner. It will be amazing. We will have a nice dessert also.

susansmoaks at gmail dot com

shemp said...

try eating in kimonos on the floor with small height table with soft light and asian/oriental music playing


susan1215 said...

I'd first arrange an overnight for the children. I'd then Ignite the Night by starting out with Chinese Lanterns and a little sake. Soft music and candles then we sit on the living room floor at the coffee table and enjoy P.F.Changs General Changs Chicken with plum wine. We would take turns feeding each other with chopsticks and finish off with some fortune cookies. A little dancing and talking would finish the night.

s2s2 at comcast dot net

mail4rosey said...

I think serving dinner in traditional Asian dress, hair up, served seated on the patio at the low square table (using cushions) with Asian music playing softly in the background and a slideshow of the Far East going across the big screen would be really cool for a dinner idea. At the end of dinner, I would love to hand hubby an envelope with tickets to the area for our 3-wk. vacation over the summer. Of course, we're going to Disney over the summer, but a trip East would be so much more wonderful, and I can dream you know. :)

Leslie S. said...

The only thing I ignite these days is my stove.I have 4 kids,so no real romance lol.On the rare night the kids are at grandma's I like to make a meal in for hubby and I.I love to set up the meal outside(preferably under a full moon).I would make some egg rolls to go with the orange chicken.I also think it would be fun to use chopsticks and feed each other.I think we could then dip fortune cookie in chocolate(cause chocolate can be fun).Thanks!

NICOLE said...

Turn on a good movie and sit together eating and laughing

NICOLE said...

turn on a good movie, sit down and enjoy great food and laugh

Timshaun said...

I would serve orange chicken out on our deck with a nice bottle of wine. I would string white light around my deck umbrella and play some of our favorite blues music.

Nancy said...

To ignite the night:

P.repare Shanghai Style Beef
F.ix a lovely table

Chopsticks for two
Hanging lanterns
Always delicious
No one else around
Great for us

Hugs and kisses
Our special time
Music to set the mood
Easy to make

More, please!
Everyday luxury
Now's the time to ignite the night
Unique dinner date at home.

allibrary (at) aol (dot) com

kakihara said...

Send the kids to Grandmas heat up the PF Changs and some rice --dim the lights and pour the wine. During dinner tell each other about exactly when you new you were meant to be together forever Share a piece of cake using one fork. Then go out on the patio and slow dance under the stars to your favorite songs.

Sand said...

We love to host dinner parties and this would be great for our international dinner party. Have some Asian fusion music in the backround. Light up the back yard with candles and have a lovely evening dinner with friends and family under the Texas sky.

LuckyTJG said...

You can't beat P.F. Chang's Home Menu for ease of preparation, price, and convenience for the busy bee family. I like to "dress out" my table with a white tablecloth, red napkins, candle, and a small vase of fresh exotic flowers. We like Chinese music playing in the background and subtle lighting to set the mood. Hot tea is a must as is Hot and Sour soup. Love the quiet conversation between the kids and the hot looks my husband gives me as we enjoy our meal. And, last but not least, we each get a special fortune cookie for GOOD LUCK!

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