Monday, February 28, 2011

Shape Up Series: A Cooking Demo from Chef Thomas Frost and Chris Chafe of the Fairmont Southampton in Bermuda!

By: Finance Foodie

One of the questions I get the most is, “Finance Foodie, given you weakness for Papa John’s pizza and the fact that you’re constantly dining out, how are you not 500 pounds?”

Well, in another life, I was probably that 500 pounder because I can eat a lot (in fact, I won second place in a pie eating contest in college)! However, I am also pretty disciplined (ex-the holidays) about exercise and nutrition because I hope to live a long and healthy life. Yes, I often eat a number of large multi-course dinners at restaurants in any given week, but I also balance that out by eating lighter fare and hitting the gym the rest of the time -- MODERATION IS THE KEY! Although I might never be supermodel skinny, I’m pretty sure I’ll never be dangerously obese either -- and that’s A-OK in my book!

Speaking of multi-course meals, I was invited to not only sample one but also learn how to cook one last weekend for the 15th Annual Fairmont Copley's Celebrity Chef Culinary Program. Offered by the Boston Center for Adult Education (BCAE), this class was led by the "The Odd Couple-ish" duo Chef Thomas Frost and Chris Chafe of the Fairmont Southampton in Bermuda.

Although I wish we attendees got to pick up a knife and help cook, it was super fun watching these two crack jokes while whipping up delish treats for us during the demo. Chef Frost and Chafe prepared three island-inspired dished for us: a "Taste of Bermuda Triangle" (a mini chicken pot pie, sushi, and appetizer friendly play on the Caesar salad), a Berumudian Surf and Turf, and a Locals Rum Drunk, Bread and Butter Pudding. All three were happy for my taste buds, the clear top dog dish was the surf and turf.
This was not your traditional lobster tail and steak S&T. The Chef duo instead creatively embedded the lobster in a...wait for it....FRIED MAC n CHEESE CAKE (ummm....Mr. Lobster+Ms. Fried Carbs=Love)! This then was topped with a succulent roasted tenderloin of beef - which was then all skewered together with a pearl onion, bacon, and truffle scented Jus. Oh baby, if Heaven is a place on earth, its location was on my plate that day!
(In case you wanted to make this yourself at home and/or were curious, here is the recipe above -- you can click on the photo to enlarge!)

Now even though these three dishes were just mini samplings (objects in photos are much larger than in real life), each dish was super rich (I guess this is what you call "vacation food") and when all added up, equaled a hearty meal. Yes a splurge indeed but also a very fun and not to be missed foodie event -- one that I will for sure attend again next year.
And P.S. -- a cleansing salad was on tap for dinner that night!


So even after consuming what I did, how did I do on the scale this week???....check it out below!

Height: 5'1''
Goal Weight: 130lbs
Week 1: 140lbs
Week 2: 138lbs
Week 3: 137lbs
Week 4: 136lbs
Week 5: 137lbs (HORRORS!) 
Week 6: 134lbs
Week 7: 133lbs (3 LBS TO GO!) 
Week 8: 132lbs
Week 9: 131lbs (One more lbs left!) 

Goal Body Fat: 20.0% 
Week 1: 25.0%
Week 2: 24.0%
Week 3: 24.0%
Week 4: 23.5%
Week 5: 24.2% (DOUBLE HORRORS!)
Week 6: 23.2%
Week 7: 23.0% (YAY!)
Week 8: 22.8%
Week 9: 21.5%

Can you believe it???? One more pound to go! So close to my goal --- can I do it? We will find out soon enough!

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