Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week: Haute Looks for Fall Travel

By: Finance Foodie

As Mercedes Benz Fashion Week has come to an end and Lincoln Center resumes its daily schedule of ballet and opera performances, I couldn’t help but reflect on some of the fashions I had seen during the past week. Given my own busy travel plans scheduled for this upcoming fall and winter (because being a student=more vacation time), my main goal this season was finding pieces and looks that would be suitable for gallivanting across the globe. Namely, I was looking for stylish yet multifunctional garments that would not only make me the trendiest tourist in the land, but also get me through airport check points (without the dreaded pat-down).

Below are some finds that I would totally take with me in my “dream” suitcase (“dream” in quotes – as my lack of income student self probably couldn’t afford a number of these looks). For those who are gainfully employed, feel free to indulge!

For day time sightseeing around the city…
Hot Climates
...Go with this cute Twinkle by Wenlan fuschia silk kimono-style dress from the W Hotel Global Glam Collection. This dress, inspired by the "neon current" at the W Taipei, is perfect for looking hot while basking in the heat.
Mild Climates
....Go with this gorgeous red maxi dress and black and white striped knit sweater jacket from Mara Hoffman. Not only is it super chic and sexy (love combination of the bold red with the muted black and white), it also looks supremely comfortable and easy to throw in a suitcase. Mara is most known for her swimwear, but with wonderful and universally flattering outfits like the one below, I have no doubt she will soon be a household name in contemporary sportswear.
Cold Climates
...Go with this fantastic silver fox fur coat from renowned Indonesian designer Farah Angsana. This luxe coat will for sure keep you warm and toasty while strolling down the street. It may not be PETA friendly though -so watch out for shady characters holding buckets of red paint!
For those of you who love the animals, a great alternative is this red wool coat from Callula Lillibelle. Super wearable and universally figure flattering, this piece is a great staple item for any closet (and not just when traveling).
For pre-dinner evening cocktail hour...
...Go with this skin hugging copper hued mini from Toni Francesc. This attention grabbing look from the always interesting Francesc will look divine as you hold that nice stiff martini after a long day of perusing around town.
For a formal dinner party...
...Go with this sequined stunner from Vivianne Tam. Inspired by the 600 year old Kun Opera in China, this intricate and ornate dress definitely melds the fantasy world of the stage with the sensibilities of normal life in a playful yet sophisticated way. This gown might not actually be that airport screener friendly, but it's too gorgeous to leave off the list!
For the Men...
Obviously, we can't forget about the gentlemen (I mean who else would lug our clothes-heavy suitcases for us?). This super wearable outfit from Perry Ellis will have your companion looking crisp and natty -- a perfect match to your gorgeous and fashionable self.
For the more flamboyant "I wanna be noticed" male companion, this psychedelic and explosive Custo Barcelona number is just what the doctor (or should I say disco king) ordered.
 Happy travels and I'll see you around the world this fall!

[Photos: Getty Images, People's Revolution, ASI Marketing, ThinkPR]

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