Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sunday Brunching: Mapping Out the Cafe Fleuri's City Brunch

By: Finance Foodie

When I read that the January brunch gathering for the Boston Brunchers was going to be at Cafe Fleuri at the Langham Boston – well I let out a loud “Woo Hoo” and fist pumped a few times (no worries, I did this in a confined setting amongst other food bloggers who understand my passion for a great brunch!). Brunch has always been my favorite part of the day (it’s usually my motivation for waking up – is that sad? I don’t know) and I had been DYING to try the Langham’s legendary brunch. I walk past the Langham everyday for work and have had several business meetings there, but never have I been to the hotel on the weekend. (I admit it -- I can be a lazybones and going to the financial district always feels like a walk too far on the weekends).

So obviously, I was super excited that the Boston Brunchers party gave me the motivation to get my booty to Cafe Fleuri, but I was totally unprepared by how vast and expansive the brunch actually was! In my happy excited and hungry panic, I got totally overwhelmed and completely forgot to form a strategic plan of attack, which left me too full to try many of the items in the end (which of course, means I'll be heading back soon!).

In the meantime, I decided to create a little handy dandy reference guide for first time brunchers.
Above you will find a birds eye view map with each section marked. As you can see, the selection is vast so let's dig in for more detail...

First, we have the breakfast bar. This table contains fresh cut fruits, croissants and pastries, and bagels. My advice: I would skip most items on this table (ex-berry bowl), since most of the items are pretty standard breakfast fair. Plus the carbs from the bagels and pastries will fill you up too fast. The fruit and granola yogurt parfait looks quite lovely though!
This is the traditional breakfast table filled with top-your-own waffles, cook to order omelets, bacon, sausages, and cheese blintzes. I so wanted to try one of the omelets, but alas! the line was long and my patience was short. Next time for sure!
Next, there is the appetizer and cheese table. The stand out here was the Parmesan crusted phyllo dough stuffed with mushrooms (not pictured because I devoured it too quickly) which was also a favorite at our table as well.
Moving on, we have the raw bar and seafood section. The cocktail shrimp in the ice boat was divine, but skip the shrimp salad in the martini glass (which was lukewarm and bland).
This is the sushi station, complete with on-site sushi chef. I didn't get a chance to sample any of the sushi but the bloggers at my table thought the sushi was tasty.
Me(a)t me at the carving station! Carver Todd will hand carve for you either prime rib or salmon and spinach stuffed in a pasty puff. I chose the prime rib, which was nice and tender!
Now for the best part -- the DESSERT BAR! Mousses, cakes, creme brulees, chocolate dipped strawberries, made-to-order crepes -- you name it and it was probably on the table. My favorites? The mixed berry vanilla crepe topped with whipped cream and the blueberry panna cotta.
But the most interesting and draw? Well of course it's the chocolate fountain! Highly interactive and not to mention super cool, this was definitely the standout attraction in the room.
So three hours later, the fifteen brunchers waddled out, stomachs satiated and few pounds heavier than when we entered.

Cafe Fleuri @ Langham Hotel
250 Franklin Street
Boston, MA 02110
(617) 956-8751
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