Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Skin Tight Breakfast With Veronica Webb: Eucerin's Skin First Pledge [New York]

By: Anne M. Raso

Financefoodie.com had the pleasure of having breakfast with Veronica Webb at the Park Avenue Spring restaurant the other day --the uber famous exotic beauty was there to encourage journalists to promote the Eucerin Skin First Council and online Skin First Pledge. The Eucerin Skin First Council was formed to bolster public dialogue about the importance of skin health and devise new ways to educate and empower consumer health awareness. The Council panel includes renowned dermatologist Deborah Sarnoff, MD, leading expert in pharmacoeconomics Rajesh Balkrishnan, PhD, and mother, activist and one of the world’s leading supermodels, Veronica Webb.

Ms. Webb was on hand at the breakfast to share her biggest skin beauty tips and it seems that water plays as strong a role as using the correct products for your skin. Webb makes sure she has two quarts of bottled water next to her bed that she drinks even before she rises. Webb also emphasizes the use of sunscreen under foundation, no matter how dark your skintone.

She also admits that she mists and moisturizes constantly while flying to prevent looking "tired" when she gets off a long flight. We had a good laugh when one journalist asked if Webb ever meets dating prospects on planes and she says that while she is very close to reaching one million frequent flyer miles, she has never met a man on the plane! That is hard to believe since she is even better looking in person than in her modeling shots. Maybe she should star offering skincare tips to men to "break the ice" (they must be intimidated)!

[photo: Eucerin]


Anonymous said...

WOW Veronica is stunning - so jealous you got to have breakfast with her

Melissa S. said...

breakfast with a supermodel - how cool!

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