Sunday, April 25, 2010

It's a Beautiful Life: Sephora and Victoria's Secret NYC Launch Parties

By: Anne M. Raso

I have to say that as the economy improves, new products and annual events were celebrated in the grand Manhattan style. You can always count on the beauty and travel PR folks to launch a product right, right down to sending car service for their party's media attendees!

Sephora's Tokidoki Line Launch @ Club Arena

One of the best recent beauty launches was Sephora's celebration for the whimsical Tokidoki line. An obvious competitor to Harajuku and possibly even Hello Kitty, Tokidoki is a bit child-like, a bit goth....and the products are not just your usual lip gloss and shadows. They make everything from T-shirts to sunglasses to cell phone charms to sunglasses featuring their kitschy characters which are already a massive success in Japan.
The recent launch event at Arena NYC featured Tokidoki characters Skull Burger and Devil Girl dancing with party guests, tough but sweet young "roller board girls" doing their thing, and comfort foods like doughnuts, sliders and cotton candy served on futuristic trays or hanging off of what we can only describe as Star Wars style Lucite laser swords!

Victoria's Secret Fragrance Launch @ VS Soho

I also attended Victoria's Secret's recent launch of their Heavenly Flowers fragrance collection where shoppers were treated to autographs, makeovers, and giveaways. The event was hosted by beautiful VS models Alessandra Ambrosio, Miranda Kerr and Candice Swanepoel at Victoria's Secret Soho store and I was grateful that VS PR staff was gracious enough to provide a little roped off area for journalists covering the event.
I might sound like the world's biggest sugar addict when I tell you I am grateful that someone on the PR staff made the effort to find the City's greatest cookie plates and best beverages (including seven Gus "adult soda" flavors) to serve their guests. Press folks were also given access to celebrity makeup artists who were all-knowing about every single VS cosmetic product. The eyeshadow quads are arguably the best I've found anywhere and I loved the way the Soho store has their one hundred plus fragrances lined up by collection, making for easy testing and shopping!

[photos: Sephora Party - Anne M. Raso, Victoria'sSecret Launch Party - Victoria's Secret]

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Amanda said...

I love that little green monster! Sounds like such fun events, I wish I lived in NY!

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