Thursday, March 9, 2017

A Tasty Test: Lucky Spoon Gluten Free Muffins

By: Irene Yang

In short, Lucky Spoon Gluten Free Muffins are fantastic. They're a new player in the gluten-free baked goods market, and I can say that they're one of the best tasking gluten-free offerings I’ve ever had. Most gluten free goodies I've had are dry and crumbly, but Lucky Spoon has captured the perfect moist texture I've come to expect from normal baked goods. Beyond being gluten free, they're also preservative and trans-fat free, so you know you're getting something good.
I recently held a taste test with some other Tech Foodies (not many Finance Foodies in my neck of the woods - we are in Silicon Valley after all!). Below are our thoughts.


Flavor: Lemon Poppy Seed
Overall Rating: 8/10

Lemon Poppy Seed
My favorite of the two, though I was in the minority among tasters. The muffins had a very generous dose of poppy seeds, and it had a light, refreshing flavor. The lemon notes were a bit light, but overall the flavor was on point. I preferred these because they weren’t too sweet.

Flavor: Cinnamon Streusel
Rating: 9/10

Cinnamon Streusel
Most tasters loved this flavor. It had the perfect amount of cinnamon flavor--too much is overwhelming, and too little leave a lot to be desired, but there was a good balance here. The cinnamon topping itself was a good textural contrast to the mostly soft muffins, and didn't flake off very much. The pecans in the topping were also a great flavor element.


Other Notes: Overall, everyone agreed that the portion sizing was awesome. One muffin is 130 calories, and a good size to feel like a substantial snack. Don't compare these to your local coffee shop muffins which can set you back almost 1,000 calories!  Also, compared to other gluten free goodies, we felt these stayed together extremely well. They were, in fact, very moist. Some muffins get that moistness by being oily--have you ever peeled off the wrapper to a muffin only to find it soaked in grease? These, however, didn't leave an oil ring at all!
Founder Pam started her gluten free baking journey because of her gluten-intolerant husband. So you know the utmost care was put into making sure that Lucky Spoon baked goods are completely gluten free, and also completely delicious! You can find Lucky Spoon in the baked goods section of most health-focused grocery stores across the US. To find a store directly, you can find a map on their website.

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