Tuesday, December 20, 2011

McDonald’s Big Mac Snack Wrap is Back!

"Good things in small packages..."

Well here's some good news for those who love the comfort food goodness of a Big Mac but don't want the extra calories around the hips -- McDonald’s Mac Snack Wrap is back at restaurants nationwide, for a limited time only, through January 2, 2012! The Mac Snack Wrap, the Big Mac’s snack-size counterpart, features half of a quarter pound 100 percent beef patty, the Big Mac special sauce, shredded lettuce, American cheese, pickles and chopped onions wrapped in a soft flour tortilla.

I had a chance to test drive this Mini Mac last week and all I can say is -- all the flavor of the original but half the fat and cals (each wrap as ~350 calories vs ~600 calories in the full sized Big Mac)! Having lived pretty much next door to a McDonald's for the past 5 years (not sure if this is coincidence or cause McD's just has way too many locations), I've taste tested most of their snack wraps, so I was pretty pumped to check out the newest lineup on the menu.
The verdict? Although I still prefer the Angus wraps, you really can't beat the $1.69 price tag on one of these babies (vs. Angus wrap: $2.29). Sorry Mac Snack - but once you go Angus, you just can't go back!  Plus, to be honest, I've never really been a big fan of Big Macs. So even though I'll be sticking with my Angus wraps, I still think the Mac Snack Wrap is a healthier and cheaper alternative to the full sized Big Mac (for the Mac lovers out there) -- after all, we can all afford to save a little more this holiday season!


Financefoodie.com and McDonald's wants two of my readers to check out the Mac Snack Wrap for FREE! Two winners will receive either a $10 Arch card or a month worth of snack wraps (5 free coupons good for any snack wrap -- in case the Mac Snack Wrap isn't your cup o' tea either!)

Grand Prize #1
 $10 Arch card (ARV $10) - Congrats sugarrysweetness!
Grand Prize #2
 5 free coupons good for any snack wrap (ARV: $10) - Congrats Tina!

You can enter up to THREE times:
1. REQUIRED: In my comments section, tell me what is your favorite McDonald's food item.
2. Follow Finance Foodie on Twitter (leave a separate comment telling me this)
3. Reblog / Retweet this giveaway (leave a separate comment telling me this)

Contest ended on Christmas Eve Saturday, Dec 24 at 5pm EST. Winners will be chosen via random integer generator on random.org announced on the financefoodie.com site shortly afterwards!

Full Disclosure: Coupons provided by McDonald's. Arch card provided by Finance Foodie Media Productions. I was not compensated for this post. 


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Krystal said...

Fish sandwich is my favorite!


Krystal said...

tweeted https://twitter.com/#!/GlamGirlReviews/status/150723938538893312


spirit_kim said...

My favorite item is the Big Mac, it is just not my hips favorite.
gabe411 at hotmail dot com

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