Thursday, July 21, 2011

XVI - The Ultimate Midtown Manhattan Rooftop Lounge!

By: Anne M. Raso

After hearing all the hubbub from beauty and fashion editor friends, we couldn't resist visiting the hotspot XVI, designed by the Miami-based Francois Frossard. XVI is on the 16th Floor of the Hilton Garden Inn, and you enter on Eighth Avenue through a dark passageway that feels a little like being at the old Mudd Club--it's kind of opposite of what the bright airy space upstairs at the actual lounge is like.
Source: Trust3 Hospitality
When we finally got upstairs, we enjoyed the breezy modern space of XVI that includes many different indoor and outdoor bars, a large projection screen, fireplaces and a multitude of the city's top deejays. The space is open seven days a week and is very often used for private parties--but that doesn't mean that you can't grab a drink or snack and have plenty of options whether a private party is going on or not. You also can just lounge by the bar and watch a sports game if that's more you (or your boyfriend/husband's) speed.
Source: Trust3 Hospitality
In terms of inclement weather, which we experienced the night we visited XVI, about half of the roof is covered and the space is also surrounded by thick glass doors--so you can run for cover and get a table easily enough! The stunning and comfortable white leather banquets and gold leather armchairs make you just want to settle in and never leave, and a signature cocktail list (which includes their already-famouse El Diablo, a refreshing concoction of Reposado, lime juice, ginger syrup and Cassis) is quite unique. You'll want to sample every one (but we don't suggest you try them all in one night, of course)!
It also goes without saying that the views of midtown from XVI are stunning and the stuff that postcard pics are made of, so it's not only a great space to sit and chat with your BFF's. but it's a wonderful place to take visitors who have been dying to see legendary drop-dead gorgeous Manhattan views. THE LED candles scattered about on all the unique metal square block tables only add romance to the night time setting. As the manager will tell you, XVI is supposed to be reminiscent of a"French chateau from the day of Louis XVI" and certainly some of that era's motifs appear on the furnishings and light fixtures, but we think the lounge is more Miami chic than late 1700s! Tasty Mediterranean and French fusion "small plates" are also available should you get the munchies. There is a fabulous array of flatbreads topped with artisanal cold meats (such as prosciutto and duck) and cheeses which have foodies' tongues wagging and salivating! The Lobster And Basil Crostini is also a big favorite.
Be sure to check out the official web page for the lounge, Prices are moderate to expensive (some specialty drinks are $16); three drinks and three plates will set you back $75 to $100. The staff is friendly and helpful, and even though you might see models and other "beautiful people" enjoying an after work drink or two, there is no attitude. Service is with a smile and the bartenders are happy to customize your drinks and even do "virgin" versions of cocktails if that's your thing!

XVI Lounge
251 W.48 St. 16th Floor
New York NY 10001
(212) 956-1300

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