Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Hidden Gem in Biltmore Bar and Grill [Newton]

"Baby you're a firework..."

Since I don’t have a car (and haven't driven in five years), it’s super hard and inconvenient for me to leave Boston proper. Now don't get me wrong, I wouldn't trade life in the city for the 'burbs anytime soon, but I always feel so left out when I hear others *sideways glance at all the food bloggers* talk about the awesome places they dine at that aren't accessible by the T! Therefore, when the Boston Brunchers announced that the club's April brunch was being held at Biltmore Bar and Grill in Newton, well hello - an opportunity and an excuse to experience the dining scene outside the city!

And holy butterballs was this brunch a feast for kings! Four full courses (and I mean, full sized servings) of stick-to-your-ribs-for-days comfort breakfast foods that probably pushed my already genetically high cholesterol level through the roof! We started off slow, with a few mimosas (made with fresh squeezed orange juice) and very horseradish-y Bloody Marys (note: the drinks were the only things that were tasting portion sized!)
Next up was a massive lobster frittata -- made with maybe at least 5 eggs and at least one whole lobster tail! Anything Mr. Lobster and Egg usually makes me happy, but this dish made me extra happy due to the Texas sized portions of two of my favorite foods!
Following the (ph)at frittata was a even (ph)atter buttermilk biscuit topped with a poached to perfection egg and homemade hollandaise sauce. The biscuit was fantastic -- so soft on the inside and crispy on the outside; melded with the runny egg yolk, this totally rocked my world.
So unlike the rest of the table who paced themselves well, my hungry hippo self cleaned all of the previously mentioned plates dry. I can eat a lot (former pie eating contest champ here) but I was starting to get a bit full. Unfortunately for me, the best was yet to come: Chicken n' Waffles served with housemade maple-apple syrup! Yeah baby - a reminder of my days in the South! Thanking my lucky stars that I was wearing my "eating pants", I stretched my stomach and tackled this like a champ. And it was goooood to the last drop.

And with that, I exited on a high note -- super satiated and ready for...a nap!

Biltmore Bar and Grill
1205 Chestnut Street
Newton, MA 02464-1308
(617) 527-2550
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