Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Taste of Beacon Hill in Boston

By: Finance Foodie

This past Tuesday night took me back again to the jail-turned-posh-it-spot The Liberty Hotel for the Taste of Beacon Hill. My purpose for this visit was not to scope out the fashion like last week, but to sample the variety of foods in the Beacon Hill area - I'm getting back to the Finance Foodie roots! Armed with an empty stomach and decked out in my strechy (food consumption) pants, I set out to see what Beacon Hill had to offer.

I really liked this offering of seared ahi tuna on fried wonton crisps, drizzled with sweet soy sauce from Scollay Square.

This was not the last of my friend Mr. Tuna. Here was another play on the friendly fish: a clever tuna tar-tini immersed in a blood orange ponzu sauce from Paramount. I later had more tuna tartar at the Bin26 table. Clearly everyone and their mothers were loving the tuna that night.
Hello celebrity chef! Here was Lydia Shire of Scampo cooking up a storm of pan seared salmon with stir fried spinach and horseradish gelatin.
Oh the creativity never ends! A mini three course meal on one plate from Beacon Hill Hotel and Bistro. First course was a rich stuffed morel mushroom with duck liver mousse, next was a wild onion creme bavaroise (custard) , and then to top off the meal was chocolate ice cream served with smoked sea salt and a sweet biscuit.
By this time, the place was packed and made the room temperature jump faster than the DOW on less bad economic data. Luckily, I was able to cool down with a refreshing chilled yellow tomato soup from Clink. Mmmmm.....sweet and tangy!
Speaking of the crowd, I spotted many local Beacon Hill business owners and representatives who sponsored the event in the crowd, including individuals from the West End Apartments, Pauli & Uribe Architects, and Crush Boutique
All and all, not bad for a Tuesday night!

For more pictures, please click here: Party Pics


Anonymous said...

very nice post!!!!

Juan Guillermo Uribe Rubio said...

Great pictures and the food was great. These events should happen every month, at least!!!

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