Sunday, April 19, 2009

Crazy Sexy Cool at Artists for Humanity's Greatest Party on Earth [Boston]

By: Finance Foodie

What a rocking weekend for the Finance Foodie! Between all the festivities surrounding the Boston Marathon (I was literally drowning in an ocean of blue and yellow tracksuits), I had the opportunity to celebrate Earth Day at the Greatest Party on Earth (GPE) at the Artists for Humanity Epicenter on Saturday night. My expectations for this event were higher than Method Man – any party that bills itself as the “Greatest Party on Earth” has a lot to live up to – and I am happy to say this party past the test with brightly flying colors.

As you all might remember, I was at the Epicenter two weekends ago for the Minds Matter Spring Soiree. Now the decor for the Minds Matter event was nice, but the GPE transformed the Epicenter into a smoking hot Studio 54 at its heyday meets modern art gallery. All that was missing was the Man in the Moon with the Spoon.
I headed downstairs and scoped out the food (I am a foodie afterall). I was excited to see Cod Cakes with Quinoa and Corn Salad on the Gourmet Caterers table - I prefer the more exotic cod cake to the standard crab cake.
I then spotted the East Meets West station, which offered a Sesame Wakame Salad topped with BBQ Shrimp Skewer. I thought the fusion of the Asian sesame and American BBQ flavoring was extremely imaginative – and exceptionally fitting for an event that was celebrating creativity and diversity in the arts.
What was on this gorgeous tray that I was stalking all night? Why it is the Catered Affair’s Ginger Lime Crab Salad in Yellow and Red Watermelon Cups. Mmmm…a light and cool bite of goodness!
My feet were hurting (4 inch stilettos are about as comfortable as they look), so I headed to the VIP tent to grab a drink (no line…hooray!), snack on caviar and hand-dipped chocolates, and relax on the plush white sofas for a bit.
Suddenly, I heard loud cheering from the outside crowd. I looked out saw the United Roots hip hop/break dancing squad busting a move. Somebody should call America’s Next Best Dance Crew pronto - this team was awesome!
The next performers were from the Boston Circus Guild’s acrobats team and they looked unbelievable dangling from the ceiling on satin sheets. They were my favorite act of the night. And not just because the lady acrobat looked a lot like Kathy Griffin (whom I adore and think is the wittiest person ever).
These were the lovely performers from Samba Tremeterra. Their stunning but tiny costumes made me realize it is time to put down my plate and hit the gym.
Now, who was at this party? Besides the amazing host committee, there were fashionistas, artists, lawyers, doctors, press, and even a guest who came all the way from Italy to run in the Marathon (just sat no to the open bar my friend).

All and all, this was the craziest, sexiest, and coolest party I attended so far in Boston. Here’s to more wicked sweet Boston events that give NYC parties a run for its money!

For more pictures, please click here: Party Pics


Ken said...

Nice action shot of the breakdancer mid-move, and I always enjoy the pictures of the food and the people. Looked like an amazing party! ;-)

Unknown said...

wow, i think that beats our dinner :) glad it lived up to its namesake!

Anonymous said...

Is FF trying to be PMC?

Tangled Noodle said...

I need to come to Boston and hang out with you! You go to the most awesome food events . . . !

Emily C. said...

Looks like a fun party! Looks like you are enjoying Boston

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