Monday, December 15, 2008

Pizza Pie-er [Boston]

By: Finance Foodie

It was a cold and windy Boston weekend, which equates to days filled with watching even more trashy reality TV than usual. But, I did manage to pull myself away from The Hills marathon long enough to grab lunch at Pizza Pie-er, a local pizzeria that serves "one-of-a-kind" pizzas. I decided to brave the cold and walk to the restaurant, as I figured I could use some fresh air/exercise (plus, given the current economic situation, I felt it best to cut back on discretionary spending, i.e. delivery fees)

I immediately became skeptical when I realized I was the only customer in Pizza Pie-er. As far as the restaurant itself, the d├ęcor was a bit cheezy (pun intended), with “pizza pies” as tables and garishly colorful chairs.

However, I found the menu to be quite impressive, with a wide selection of specialty pizzas with many non-traditional toppings. I am very picky when it comes to my pizzas, so my eyes immediately fell to the “build your own pizza” side of the menu. There were four options for the crust (white, wheat, multi grain, and veggie), numerous sauce options (ranged from the standard red tomato paste to the more exotic cilantro pesto), and a wide variety of toppings. After assessing my risk (weight gain) /reward (gastronomical fulfillment) profile, I decided to get the 7” multigrain crusted pizza with the ground walnut, olive oil, garlic & parmesan sauce, topped with mushrooms and prosciutto.

I could see my reflection on the grease!

The pizza itself was extremely delicious but incredibly greasy. I was a big fan of the crust, as it was a bit crispy at the bottom (tasted like a pan-seared pizza!). The ground walnut sauce was awesome; it was brilliantly flavorful and the nuttiness balanced the saltiness of the prosciutto. After finishing my personal sized pizza, I fell into a food coma and ended up taking a nap for 2 hours (so much for my Sunday errands).

My pizza was only about $3 (after using my $5 gift certificate), so I cannot complain about the price. I would like to come back to this place, as the food was tasty and I would like to try out other creative pizza combinations. However, I would recommend visiting this place only sparingly, as the high grease factor would likely contribute to heart attacks/laziness.

Pizza Pie-er
182 Massachusetts Ave.
Boston , MA 02115
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Anonymous said...

Alyk and I visited several times and we were also the only ones there, but we usually stopped in shortly before they closed.

We always got mushroom and prosciutto and I always left thinking they needed more grease. Alyk thought they were perfect.

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