Sunday, December 7, 2008

Liberty Hotel / Underbar [Boston]

By: Finance Foodie 

This weekend, I revisited The Liberty Hotel lobby bar and made my first sojourn to Underbar. We were able to take a nice tour of Boston by car, as the difficulty level of finding a parking spot on a Saturday night is on par with say, 5 dudes trying to get into [insert trendy Meatpacking club here] without buying bottles. As we looked longingly at the plethora of empty handicapped parking spots meters away from the hotel, I made a mental note to check if being legally blind without my glasses/contacts would qualify as a handicap. Finally, we found a spot, and headed inside the hotel to meet our party.

Liberty Lobby Bar

The Liberty Hotel used to be the Charles Street Jail, but was renovated into one of the most luxurious hotels in Boston. The jail themed d├ęcor is stunning and tastefully done, but the idea of sleeping in a room that was once a jail cell kind of creeps me out. It was already quite busy when we arrived; the majority of the well-heeled crowd looked to be in their mid-thirties (although plastic surgery can be deceiving). Fashionably late, we joined our party, whom were already celebrating with bottles of Veuve Clicquot. In addition to the Veuve, I also had a specialty cocktail called the Island Splash, a beach-y concoction made of Creole Shrubb (an orange liqueur), pomegranate liqueur, pineapple juice, and champagne. I have had mind-blowing great drinks in my day, so I am fairly critical when it comes to specialty cocktails. I felt the Island Breeze was a bit too sweet (mostly likely due to all the fruit infused liqueurs) and the pineapple juice was definitely not fresh from the fruit. The best part of the cocktail was the slice of grapefruit soaked in the drink; the slight bitter tanginess of the not quiet ripe grapefruit was a great offset to the overtly sweet cocktail. I did not have any food on this visit, because by the time I realized I was hungry, the kitchen at Clink (the adjacent restaurant) was already closed. Boo.
Island Splash....get me to St. Barth, pronto!
After Clink, we headed over to the Underbar, a dance club in the basement of the Marriott Hotel. Luckily, a well-prepared member of our party already reserved us a table so we were able bypass the hassle at the door. The space itself is pretty small, although the “runway” in the middle of the dance floor is quite creative (yours truly “busted a move” on there a few times during the night :) To the delight of the males in our group, the staff consisted mostly of young attractive ladies dressed in skimpy costumes: the “bottle service” (yes, the trend has spread to Boston) girls were dressed in Playboy bunny outfits (minus the ears and tail) and the three dancers on st
age were attired in leather dominatrix-like outfits with fishnets. The music was pretty freaking loud (my ears are still ringing) and I wasn’t a big fan of the techno they played (they should of brought out the Journey, B.Spears, and Lady Gaga). It wasn’t super crowded and everyone looked like they were having a good time…hehehe…

How Boston gets down...
Our super cool drink dispenser....I want to get one for my apartment!

All and all, a fun night out in an otherwise sleepy Beantown :)

215 Charles St
, MA 02114

275 Tremont St.
Boston, MA 02116
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Anonymous said...

Hey you...looks like you've made it in the Boston news

congrats my dear!

Cassidy said...

Fabulous entry! And even better to be seen in Beantown news!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reviews!

SpotScout (which will be available to everyone soon) might be able to help you with the parking next time.

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