Monday, December 22, 2008

Casa Romero / Boston Pops [Boston]

By: Finance Foodie 

Snowstorms in Boston are not to be tangoed with, for they are cold, windy, and downright dangerous for a warm-blooded Texan like myself. However, this past weekend, I strapped on my best (only) pair of snow boots and braved the 5 inch deep snow to have dinner at Casa Romero and attend the Boston Pops holiday concert. I had been looking forward the Holiday Pops show for over a month, and my stubborn resolve insisted I go…snowstorm be d*mned!
Winter Wonderland?
We decided to have dinner at Casa Romero before the concert, since it was the closest place still opened and I had a craving for Mexican food. I should have sensed the red flags when I saw the entrance was located in a public alley. Although the service was very friendly, the décor of the place was dingy and slightly musty looking (I hesitated to sit by the wall, as I was afraid a termite might pop out). My broiled shrimp entrée was poorly presented and looked like a gloppy mess. The shrimps were nicely plump, but lacked proper seasoning (unless the soupy swampy-green puddle was supposed to function as the dip). Short on time, we decided to forgo dessert, which might have not been a bad decision, considering the quality of the entrees. I was also shocked to see most of the entrees averaged around $25 (due to the Back Bay price inflation perhaps?), as I have had better and cheaper food at Taco Cabana. My experience at Casa Romero felt like the movie Waterworld: overpriced, overhyped, and a major disappointment.

Sloppier than a doctor's handwriting...

Fortunately, the Boston Pops show more than offset the unsatisfactory dinner at Casa Romero. The performance is a must see, as the amazing music could turn a grinch into a festive elf. We decided to get a lovely tiramisu dessert during the intermission, which was very tasty and a sweet addition to the celebratory ambiance. The Pops was a non-culinary experience that I will never forget.

...and hurry down the chimney tonight
buon appetito!
So readers, as I wrap up this spirited entry, I want to wish you all a happy holidays and a great New Year!

Casa Romero
30 Gloucester St
Boston, MA 02115

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Anonymous said...

I have yet to find good mexican food in Boston. Chipotle is the closest thing. Sad...I know.

cocoberry said...

What a great Christmas post :) Happy holidays!

Anonymous said...

Good thing you went a on the 22nd and not on the 31st. My husband and I made reservations at Casa Romero weeks ago for New Years since they had a 4 course pre fixe menu. When we arrived at 7:30pm New Year's Eve, we found the restaurant closed with a small sign reading, "closed due to water damage." NO phone calls were made to diners who had made reservations!! Can you imagine. Based on your luke warm experience and our unbelievable experience, I thin it is safe to say, nobody should ever dine here......and if you do, do so at your own risk!!

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